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Until today a lot natural resources are starting to run low and vice versa do World population is rising. Do Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, estimates that we will be 9 billion in the next 30 years. 2050 is not so far away and it is necessary to produce safer and more nutrient-poor foods, at affordable prices for everyone, while protecting the environment. Studying agronomy is one of the ways to achieve these goals.

Modern agriculture also requires highly technical skills, which makes it worthwhile Education is fundamental and improves its function. And it is precisely through the strategic value of young people’s education that they can be recognized Terrepadane developed this Workshop Programcalled Innovation Labwhich opens Farmers an op Technician of tomorrowin a perspective of the sustainable development of the sector and with that of the territory.

A combination that links agriculture and development hand in hand, even more crucial in a moment than the one we are experiencing, which underlined what has not happened for decades, Centrality of agricultural production.

For young people from agricultural and non-agricultural families who have chosen to pursue agricultural studies, Innovation Lab offers a program for put them in touch with the reality of agriculture of the 21st century, this means the ability to innovate, understand and anticipate change.

“Since last year – achieved Marco CrottiChairman of the Board of Directors of Terrepadane – we started a Dialogue very intense with the agricultural schools of our territory, starting from those Piacenza. During the difficult months of the pandemic, we intercepted one Difficulties of the schoolsnamely the very little availability of technological equipment (Tablet and PC) to make available to students and on the occasion of the Christmas holiday 2020 – 2021, in case of emergency, we have a huge investment to provide the institutions with a good supply of pills to help students in need “.

This year, the company continues to work with schools, taking care instead Quality Training mat a Way of the meetings designed and dedicated to young people who started on the occasion of the exhibition Tomato World zu Piacenza Expo and the further with meetings both in the various company structures as well as at member firms.

4 of these labs are already organized:

  • the first onInnovation an opAgriculture 4.0 was am Terrepadane Machine Center and has the students ofGallini Institute of Voghera. Simone Morselli of CNH Industrial he urged the technician to provide more details about the new technologies that allow telemetry to intervene with online help on a machine in case of disruptions, so that time wasted is limited and costs are maintained;
  • the second on Food farmers to enlarge society was held on aBeast farm Client of Terrepadane. 3 classes of theRaineri Marcora Institut (one-third, one-fourth and one-fifth), who immediately became the protagonists of a program dedicated to in-depth study of animal husbandry through the use of Polispec Nir and of mixled by the breeder Vittorio Repetti and of Paola MichelottiTechnicians from the Terrepadane Consortium and another study focused on Know weeding with a visit to the fields and comparison between the different techniques, led by Sabrina RossiTechnicians of the Terrepadane Consortium and of Mario Cavanna In the Andrea Angelucci of Bayer Crop Science;
  • the third was dedicated Maize supply chain and especially old sustainable control of aflatoxinsorganized and collaborated with Corteva AgriscienceL ‘Ramelli Company of Camairago (Lo) and the third classes ofItas Tosi of Codogno;
  • the fourth workshop was held in the vineyard in theBarattieri Winery in Albarola (PC) and was focused on Agrigeniusthe BASF dss. Guests at the event 2 fifth grade of theRaineri Marcora Institut of Piacenza and 1 fifth ofItas Tosi of Codogno.

“During these meetings – explained Federica PolitiMarketing Manager of Terrepadane – the kids will engage actors with their photos and video clips that they share on social networks by tagging @terrepadane accompanied by the hashtag #tpl. We are collecting all witness statements to create a ‘poster / diploma’ for the participating classes at the end of the year “.

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