Teenagers and school. A missed commitment and a challenge we lost

MANFREDONIA (FOGGIA), 25/05/2022 – (futuriparalleli) It’s time for exams. Data and analyzes are reported on insufficient preparation, low skills, school dropout. And every time he is surprised, spoiled, even “horror”.

The most critical area is the middle school, the world of Adolescents. The age at which impatience and malaise occur. An abrupt change, in a few months, in the transition from primary school to sixth grade. The use of alcohol (a social lubricant to be in the group) also begins. Small dependencies that find an inner space. Parents and teachers expect intolerance and changes in mood and behavior. Young people are looking for new identities, they are changing, and the outside world is also changing, it offers no solidity, it is unpredictable.

School failure. A complex reality. Not a clear abandonment, but a slow process, more or less long absences, disinterest. At its core, there is material poverty in the cultural environment. Poor results come from linguistically disadvantaged students; many learn little and bad and the school experience becomes a suffering for which there is no positive memory. A growing “educational poverty” especially in the south.

Equity. No school system ensures equality, which is difficult to achieve between schools, because the territories are different (even in the same city, between the city center and the suburbs). There are differences between classes, and if the results are highly unequal, it is impossible not to question the formation of the classes (the good and the bad). There is a contextual effect. A student’s progress will be less, the lower the average level of the group to which he or she belongs.

In the pandemic everything became complicated. Socio-cultural inequalities become visible, distance education shows small, full, noisy houses … Many more children and adolescents have arrived at the Center mental health in Bari. The story of a little girl is exemplary, she was strong and proud, with positive school results … Then distance learning: “She did not even have a quiet room to be careful, a real computer. The child retreated into their world, became dissociated. Finally, she refuses to connect. A childhood depressive form“.

With the pandemic they found out the frontal lesson, both in presence and at a distance. There was no problem before. The lesson was never just “frontal”. Traditional and new means were combined: drawing, reading newspaper, making videos, reciting poetry, theater. Today we discover the “frontal course and its limits”, and we complain about the lack of workshops, co-presences, group work.

Conflict between parents and teachers. Are inequalities going up? It is certain that they can not be hidden in school, and the resentment of children and families has grown. Different values ​​arise in families and social groups. From the family context comes the motivation to learn, future choices, aspirations. But not everyone is concerned with study, the effort of learning, skills … not to mention human and personal education.

Lost teachers, left alone with mutated and mutant teenagers. Attention is focused only on containing the contagion. No outside help. The pandemic caused the disappearance of associations, recovery interventions, social and aggregative activities of parishes and neighborhoods.

Middle school was in difficulty even before the pandemic. There were doubts about the figure and the role of the psychologist in the school as a systematic presence … But due to the difficulties (far underlined) of school life and didactic activity, it was not possible to directly experience the presence of a socio . -psychological team that there was a moment of confrontation and reflection? Why not also increase the number of teachers? If not now, when? But a lot of money was spent on so many other things! In the “Dog Coop” classes? Students in the South have fallen sharply, what about unused classrooms? And was this not an opportunity to reflect on the content and on the gender differences brought out by different skills in Italian and mathematics? And what happens next fall? (parallel future)

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