Teachers who are not vaccinated will return to school for other tasks with a fine of 100 Euros. In class only those who are good. MINISTRY NOTES [PDF]

Following the publication of the reopening decree, here is the declaration circular of the Ministry of Education with all indications on what is expressed from the government provision, which was published last March 24 in the Official Gazette and entered into force on March 25.

The vaccination obligation for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection remains for all school staff until 15 June 2022. The vaccination obligation also applies to teachers and educators of the national education system, non-per-schools, education services for children, CPIAs, regional education and vocational training systems, CTS.

The art. 4-ter.1 of the Decree-Law 44/2021, introduced by Art. 8 of the Decree-Law 24/2022, in fact, continues to provide school staff with compulsory vaccinations for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection referred to in Article 3-r of the same Decree-Law 44/2021.

This last rule provides for this “The fulfillment of the vaccination obligation provided for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection includes the primary vaccination cycle and, as of the 15th, of the conditions provided for in the Ministry of Health Circular.

The vaccination obligation also affects the booster dose

Vaccination therefore continues to affect the primary vaccination cycle and the subsequent booster dose. The booster dose must be carried out within the conditions of the validity of the COVID-19 green certifications provided for in Article 9, Section 3, of the Decree-Law of 22 April 2021, n. 52, amended by the Act of 17 June 2021.

Sanction of 100 Euros for non-compliance with the obligation

Failure to fulfill the vaccination obligation includes the application of sanctions under Art. 4-Sexies of the Decree-Law 44/2021 (pecuniary administrative sanction of 100 euros).

Who is excluded from the vaccination obligation

According to the note Minister, vaccination is excluded only in case of established health hazard, documented in relation to specific clinical conditions, certified by your doctor or vaccinated, in accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Health on the release of the anti SARS-CoV vaccine- 2. And so In some cases, the vaccine can be delivered or discarded.

Execution of work performance

For teachers and educators only, Art. 4-ter.2 of the Decree-Law 44/2021, also introduced by the Decree-Law 24 of 24 March 2022, also known as a detailed discipline with respect to the performance of work performance.

In fact, paragraph 2 provides that for teachers and educators “Vaccination is an essential requirement for the performance of educational activities and contact with the students of the compulsory parties.”

Failure to obtain vaccination obligationdetermined in accordance with the procedure referred to in paragraph 3 of the same Article, Require the teacher to use the default teaching staff and support activities for the institution school “.

In addition, the following paragraph 4 states that “The school managers and heads of the institutions referred to in paragraph 1 shall, from 1 April 2022 until the end of the lessons of the school year 2021/2022, replace the unvaccinated teachers and the teaching staff by the award. from contracts to fixed terms, which are resolved by law, when the replaced subjects who have fulfilled the vaccination obligation again fulfill the right to carry out learning activities “.

Therefore, from 1 April 2022, the effects of the suspension measures on teachers and educators will be stopped in accordance with the previous legislation on non-compliance with the vaccination obligation.. Staff can only be used for normal learning activities if they have fulfilled the vaccination obligation, while in the event of a persistent non-compliance they must be replaced in accordance with the procedures set out in paragraph 4 above.

The duties of unvaccinated school staff

Teachers and educators who do not receive the vaccination obligation can be employed in the performance of all other functions that fall within their duties, such as activities including collegial nature, planning, design, research. , Evaluation, documentation, updating and training.

Applicable to the staff concerned, until 15 June 2022 or until the date of fulfillment of the vaccination obligationthe current regulatory and contractual provisions governing the performance of teachers and educators, which are temporarily declared unsuitable for teaching staff.

30 million for staff replacement

To enable replacements, more than 30 million euros have been allocated for 2022.

ATA staff and executives from April 1 on duty even if not vaccinated with full duties. MINISTRY NOTES

Covid, from vaccination to masks, what happens at school from April 1st. Reopening decree in the Official Gazette. TEXT [PDF]

The general safety rules

In the all institutions of the education, school and education system:

  • The use of surgical masks remains mandatory (or of higher protective effect), except for children up to six years and for people with pathologies or disabilities that are not compatible with the use of masks. Do Mask must be worn also on means of transport and school means of transport (of type FFP2 until 30 April 2022). Do Mask should not be worn during sports activities.
  • Respect for distance is recommended interpersonal security of at least one meter, unless the structural-logistical conditions of the buildings do not allow it.
  • Stay calmin any case, the ban on access or stay in school premises if you are positive at Covid or when symptoms occur Respiration and body temperature above 37.5 °

It will be possible make educational excursions and educational tripsincluding participation in sporting events.

Until April 30, it will only be possible to enter educational institutions by applying the so-called “basic” green passport (vaccination, recovery or test).

Management of positive cases

Kindergarten – Early childhood education services

In the presence of at least four cases of positivity between students in the same section / class group, Activities continue in presence and for teachers and educators, as well as for girls and boys over six years, the use of the Ffp2 masks is envisaged for ten days from the last contact with the positive subject.

In the when symptoms appear, it is mandatory to perform an antigen test (fast or self-administration) or a molecular test. If you are still symptomatic, the test must be repeated on the fifth day after the date of last contact. In this case, the negative result of the test is certified with self-certification.

Primary, secondary, upper secondary and vocational training system

In the presence of at least four cases of positivity between students, Activities continue in presence and for teachers and students over six years of age the use of the Ffp2 masks is envisaged for ten days from the last contact with the positive subject.

In the when symptoms appear, it is mandatory to perform an antigen test (rapid or self-administration) or a molecular test. If you are still symptomatic, the test must be repeated on the fifth day after the date of last contact. In this case, the negative result of the test is certified with self-certification.

Integrated digital teaching

Pupils and students from primary, secondary and secondary schools and the vocational training system, isolated due to covid infection, they can track school activity in the mode of integrated digital teaching at the request of families or adult learners Accompanied by a specific medical certification that certifies the student’s health conditions. Repetition to class is subject to the sole demonstration of conducted and Antigen Test fast or molecular with result negative.

Duty to vaccinate staff

Until June 15th the duty to vaccinate remains for all school staff. According to the published decree, vaccination is an essential necessity for educational activities and contact with students. If the vaccination request or transmission of the vaccination request is not carried out in the manner specified in the current vaccination campaign, Teaching staff and teaching staff will be invited to produce the evidence within 5 days “The execution of the vaccination or attestation relating to the transmission or delay of the same, or the presentation of the vaccination request, which is carried out within a period not exceeding twenty days after receipt of the invitation, or on in any case the non- the existence of the conditions for the vaccination obligation“. In case of non-presentation of the documentation and non-compliance with the vaccination obligation, the non-compliant teaching staff and the teaching staff will be used in support activities for the school institute. Therefore, he will not go to class.

Emergency resources

By decree published on 21 March last, 30 million are foreseen to be assigned to schools to continue with the purchase of masks and hygiene materials, consumables in case of emergency.

Emergency personnel

The staff is being extended, based on the decree law published March 21, 2022, until the end of the lessonsor no later than June 15, 2022, except for state playschools in which the deadline is extended to June 30, 2022.

All references

Covid, as the quarantine of April 1st changes. Father for the positive on specific certification by the doctor. RECOVERED DECRE [PDF]

Covid school: mandatory surgical mask, respecting the distance of at least one meter, not in the class with 37.5 °. RECOVERED DECRE [PDF]

The obligation to vaccinate teachers in Ata remains in force until 15 June 2022. The default is used for support activities for schools. RECOVERED DECRE [PDF]

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