Teachers of Catholic schools commit to correcting doctrine and respect of the Church, those who can not be fulfilled dismissed: the Vatican does not compromise

Learn in one catholic school it is about a total commitment with the school community and the Catholic values ​​that govern them: Anyone who does not respect this basic rule can be expelled. The Vatican’s “Instructions” for the hiring of teachers and other staff in Catholic schools: Recruitments which, we remind you, are not subject to classifications or standard provisions, such as those provided for in signing a contract, even for a fixed term, in public public schools.

True doctrine and probabilities of life

This is the instruction of the Congregation for Catholic Education entitled “The identity of the Catholic school for a culture of dialogue“. It is a text that contains indications about the workers of Catholic institutions, which, it says, must be distinguished” by the right doctrine and by honesty of life. “


The course is not optional, as the instructions show that “Teachers and administrative staff belonging to other churches, denominations or religions, as well as those who do not profess a religious belief, from the moment of appointment they are committed to recognizing and respecting the Catholic character of the school“.

For those who do not adapt, “appropriate measures” are taken

Teachers and administrative or support staff, the Vatican still says, must take into account what is defined as the strange “identity” of these schools: this is more than a warning, because staff who do not respect them can be fired.

Because “in a Catholic school, the teacher is munus and church office “, it follows that” if the employed person does not comply with the conditions of the Catholic school and its increase of the ecclesial community, the school takes appropriate measures. It can also be placed Auslaaftaking into account all the circumstances of the individual case ”.

The recognition of the Fidae

According to National President of Fidae, Virginia Kaladichthe document published by the Vatican “is in a fundamental step to further define the role of our schools and the entire education system of our country”.

According to Kaladich, “it is important in such a complicated moment to emphasize once again how important it is in education. the role of the church as mother and teacher and then the universal right to education, Responsibility of everyone and first and foremost of the parents, who today must have the freedom of choice of education for their children, an opportunity that is unfortunately not yet fully guaranteed in this country, even though 22 years have passed since the law. on school equality ”. The reference is to the lack of public funding of private schools.

Well the Global Pact is desired by the Pope

Kaladich finally emphasized the importance of the new Global Pact wanted by Pope Francis.

This pact, he said, “motivates us, like Fidae, to first ensure continuous education for our teachers and then use all of our skills to carry out the evangelistic mission of the Catholic Church, which means that we are committed to building of a more fraternal and more just world “.

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