Teachers: does the 2026 cut take into account the migration flow?

While the political parties, in agreement with the unions, the Changes to the Legislative Decree 36are currently being discussed in the Chamber, with a view to its implementation in law, some concerns in the dossier accompanying the decree in relation to the technical and accounting aspects.

Among these concerns falls the need to link forecasts of labor force reduction to the trend not only of birth rates but also of migration flows.


In other words, where the government and the Ministry of Education envisage that from 2026 onwards, the reduction of staff, with a redundancy rate of around 2,000 teachers a year, could, on the other hand, save money for the state and the training invest. , the dossier specifies that it would be a kind of bet and that there is a risk of finding oneself in the classes with fewer teachers than necessary to renew the critique of the chickencoop classes.

And it’s something that’s paradoxical when we think that the government is betting against itself, because the reductions in employment are counting on Failure of the Pro-Natality Policyon which it with the funds of the Pnrr.

The file reads: Calmness should be about you Sustainability of the reductions in the number of posts of law for each year 2026/2031 with the relevant regulations, in the light of didactic needs expected in the next decade. At this point it should be noted that in Article 17, Section 7, last sentence, of the Accounting Act it is expressly provided that for the provisions concerning the school sector the RT completely complies with the demographic conditions and migration flows employed for the preparation of forecasts of the school population, as well as any other element useful for checking the quantities. This, of course, is because of you “Compulsory” of school service and the known consequences arising from the management of the associated staff (“open” Staff).

On the subject of Cutalso recently intervened the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchito clarify that the school counts on the current staff until 2026, without reductions: “The decree does not make any reductions – explains Minister Bianchi – in the school we have invested and will continue to do so. The workforce will remain unchanged until 2026 and also used to reduce the number of classes. The resources that are later released by the dramatic decline in the birth rate are reinvested in the sector. We will increase the resources of the Education Incentive Fund with a change “.

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