Teachers against recruitment reform: Collection of signatures for the abolition of the law starts from Bologna

“We teachers of the School of the Italian Republic take the floor once again to declare our total dissent vis-à-vis Law Decree 36 of 2022, just transformed into law (79 of 2022) and of school policy, of the whole vision of the school in which the provision and “.

Then came the signatures of 81 teachers from Copernico Lycée in Bolognadecides to collect adhesions in all cities – reports the Dire agency – against the new rules (included in the so-called Pnnr 2) on teacher training and recruitment: [email protected] is the e-mail to sign the document “Worthy of school.

A “strong criticism”, write the Bolognese professors, “Is nested in the so-called ‘training’ of teachers: the decree provides ‘voluntary’ activities for teachers who are already in office and obligatory for new graduates, which are carried out in three-year cycles, in additional hours in comparison. to those of classroom teaching and it will end with a final evaluation; the “promoted” teachers will achieve in advance the salary progression provided for by the national dissertation “today only connected to the seniority of the service “.

According to the document, the “discrimination” between permanent and new teachers is the “weakening of solidarity and common conscience” among teachers. It is assumed that teachers, including those already in service, “They should not be updated, but ‘shaped’. Can continue their ‘formation’ – teaching staff continue – do not belong to themselves, because they are seen as incapable of self-determination, but to body externally and not to do with the public school: therefore, the founding of the high school is provided by the national public education system, with massive economic resources using Indire an Invalsi “.

So “the unequivocal judgment of this management and patronage authority must sanction the division between good and bad,” and conclude that “internal division of our category functional to passive acceptance of the short-sighted policies of the Ministries of Education of the last 30 years “.

One wonders “how it is possible to adopt languages ​​and parameters of company efficiency – the petition continues – in a place that is called upon to respect the learning times of every student and that only in this way can critical consciences and intellectual complexities be formed . “. In addition, the “joke” in the decree provides that “the whole” new training “is financed by the abolition of the teachers’ charter and the abolition of almost 10,000 professors”.

Meanwhile, the real problems There are others and they are the same ones we have been denouncing uselessly since the time of the catastrophic Gelmini law: the classes ‘dog coop’, of which the Minister insists on denying the problem, if not the existence, or rather to hide.; the precariat; the lack of resources for support; an effective fight against early school leaving; social integration of disadvantaged immigrants “Bolognese teachers write: “Therefore, and not to the remuneration of the high school oligarchs or the transformation of school work and video gaming, economic resources must be allocated.”

The situation is “unacceptable”, the document concludes: “We will not be satisfied with expressing theoretical dissent, but we will implement forms of protest that are not limited to improvised strikes, forms such as first getting the non-application of Law 79 and beyond, in view of all new school reforms, the confrontation between the parties that we have so far been refused ”.

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