Teacher training, in the new contract mandatory hours in the timetable and additional hours for the career [BOZZA]

Teachers: The La Buona Scuola Law of July 2015 has a right and a duty that accompanies work in the classroom every year. But the lack of contractualization has always led to discussion: the subject will be discussed at the next contract renewal, which should end in a few months.

Here is what the Orientation Law provides for, on which negotiations for the drafting of new articles of the contract must be based

Continuing education is a right and a duty of the staff, which takes place during working hours. The contract defines a package of hours specifically and compulsorily intended for training, particularly straight-up Teacher training, with particular reference to innovative teaching methodologies and language and digital skills within the prerogatives of the governing bodies of educational institutions and the preparation of students for Nationality, the improvement of IT and digital skills for the use of IT tools related to administrative work (digital transition), to accelerate the digital transformation of the school organization and learning processes.

The contract, which enhances the additional commitment provided for all staff and is made without prejudice to the principle of remuneration for work outside working hours, may also provide the methods by which the commitment to training activities is certified, evaluated and consistently carried out with the didactic activity, it will be linked to further developments of professional development also in relation to the provisions of Art. 24 of the ccnl 2006-2009. “

Here’s what’s coming out

  • Teacher training takes place within the hours of service. NB This should not simply be attributed to the 40 + 40 currently dedicated to engagements other than the classroom, the number of hours is set
  • there is a package of hours dedicated specifically and mandatory to training
  • topics include innovative learning methodologies, language and digital skills, improvement of IT and digital skills for the use of IT tools related to administrative work (digital transition)

In addition, the commitment to certified training activities, outside of working hours, can lead to the further development of professional development. This is still a blank sheet of paper to write on.

Political law presented by Minister Bianchi to the unions on February 1, 2022

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