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Dear Editor, Allow me to give you some thoughts on the reform of the system of recruitment and training of teachers that your newspaper has dealt with. The key word of the provision, yesterday finally approved by the Chamber and in Decree Law 36, formation. First education, training throughout the professional life of the teacher and training for the activities and functions that increasingly characterize the autonomy of our schools.

First formation. Finally, we define a clear and qualitative way to become secondary teachers. An answer to the many young people who want to learn and ask certain rules. In addition to the master’s, we envisage a university course of 60 credits, which also includes an internship at the school, and then a learning qualification test. This allows you to participate in the competition to go to public school or to attend the same school.

Then there is the law Training for all, which remains compulsory as provided for since 2015. It focuses on digital skills, and thus also an important link with the investments of Education Pnrr: 800 million for 650,000 teachers to train digitally and 2.1 billion for 100,000 classrooms to transform into innovative learning environments and to equip our schools with technological laboratories.

The reform will then lead to an important innovation: training and incentive evaluation, which will last three years, not only Improve basic and pedagogical knowledgebut also for the development of the professional skills and competencies increasingly necessary to guarantee the full autonomy of our institutions, Design learning activities that go beyond disciplinary divisionsPerformance tutoring functions for young colleagues, building a relationship with the territory and with the community. These paths provide an incentive that requires an evaluation of the committees already present at the school, which could be up to 20% of the salary and therefore represents an increase in earnings..

With the reform, we define a clear path to professional development, with evaluation and incentive, which supports the school in its role as center and heartbeat of the community.

This complex, yet coherent and innovative action is part of the NRP’s reforms, which include the transformation of the technical and vocational schools, ITS, orientation, dimension and organization of the schools in the area. a unique volume of investment, more than 17 billion, in infrastructures and actions against school dropout and educational povertyfor the support of full-time study and the study of tribal skills.

With the resources and tools of the NRP, we are building the new school that the country needs. We welcome a debate on the future of education – essentially – but start with the innovations introduced by this provision, and the many positive experiences that have shaped the true heart of our schools and paved the way for those reforms. which we carry out.

The author Minister of Education

June 29, 2022, 21:42 – change June 29, 2022 | 21:42

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