Teacher training 25 hours on inclusion, the CTS changes the scheme. Final rating test will be anonymous. Note

With memorandum 2405 of 21 October 2021, the Ministry of Education provides clarifications and operational indications on the training of teachers on support in classes with students with disabilities, as required by the Budget Act 2021, which is allocated 10 million euros for this has. Training activities.

The ministry clarifies after the sentence of Lazio TAR n. 9795/21: the CTS states that the Tar judgment only marginally affects the training system, which instead focuses on certain aspects of school inclusion and that for
As far as didactic pedagogical planning is concerned, it refers to Decree 66/17.

In particular, the CTS is changing the training module scheme for 25 hours of total engagement, as shown below

The 8 hours of laboratory / collegiate / project activities include the activities provided for in the National Training Plan, Ministerial Decree 797 of 19 October 2016, including:
b. documented didactic experiments and research / action
c. I work online
d. personal and collegiate study
In the. Documentation and forms of return / reporting
f. Design.

By “laboratory / collegiate / project activity” we mean training sessions that the interested teachers can carry out independently by attending webinars, conferences, seminars held by the neighboring school district or school institution where the service is located or by the school poles for training, universities , Research institutes or of the administration he has chosen, relevant to the topics of the course and certifiable (both on the e-learning platform and in person).

In addition, we mean experiences also with the presence of an expert or in collaboration with the support teachers identified with the functions of expert colleagues with the role of “senior” for inclusion.

Finally, the MI clarifies the final evaluation test: it will be anonymous to review the efficiency of the training activities carried out in the context of the qualitative monitoring of the courses.



The deadline for training activities scheduled for November 30 has also been moved to March 30, 2022. The reason in this case also lies in the cancellation of the DI n. 182/2020 and its annexes provided for by Lazio Regional Administrative Court judgment no. 9795 of 14 September 2021.

In the formation, as provided in the ministerial note of September 6, are also substitutes with a contract of 31.08. “where they are involved in the classroom with students with disabilities, and are therefore fully engaged in pedagogical-didactic planning and in collegial activity.”.

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