Teacher competition, why do so many people miss out?

Imagine a Dante circle specifically dedicated to the torture of precarious workers, consists of endless procedures, paid training courses to advance a few points in the rankings, sudden call for substitutes for a few weeks in every corner of the province, continuous changes to the rules of the game. Here the world of the Italian school is based on this. A world so intricate that it is often understandable for insiders only, while for the others it remains only to note that something of the whole system continues.

The biggest joke has been playing out in recent weeks. Far from the news, beyond that four hundred thousand people (of which 30% are under 30 years of age) participate in the ordinary competition for secondary school teachers. It is a procedure that has been awaited for many years (I still remember the promises of the former Minister Valeria Fedeli At the end of 2017, as he said “the competition for the recent graduates will take place between February and March”), important not only for those who directly aim to win one of the professional professors, but also for those who – by they get the test – can Learn qualification and therefore have a much better chance of getting an annual replacement at the beginning of the school year. Always precarious, short, but at least with your feet on a little more solid ground.

Well, the ministry had very different intentions. Very high rejection ratesharp questions, unclear schedule e and old-fashioned notionism that it has nothing to do with the competencies that a teacher should have. “Merit” also from the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta which changed the rules of the call months after the deadline for registration, replaced Preselective Test (to which many were already prepared) and open-ended questions with one Multiple Choice Quiz. For years they called it a “school of skills” on every official document, so they asked us to do our philosophy and spreaders. Coherent.

I connect my experience on the Everyday appearances. Why do so many people fail? The answer I give myself is that of course it would be more convenient to keep us parked in the classroom when needed and to call after months of waiting, instead of putting us all in the school car. In fact, allowing more people to qualify would mean increase the ranks of union precarious workers which as such must be listened to, represented and stabilized. In short, a vicious circle that so far no government has managed to break through by creating an organic and fixed recruitment process for teachers.

Meanwhile, according to OECD-Pisa 2017 data on student well-being, School anxiety in Italy, it goes further and far beyond that of European colleagues, a barrier to the general satisfaction of young people with their lives; Gender stereotypes still strongly influence girls in their career choices, generating suspicion and dissatisfaction; second Unicef In Europe, nine million children between 10 and 19 years old live with a mental disorder, in Italy over 16% of adolescents. Teachers are prepared for this scenario, or we just care that they know it from the heart the dates of the Franco-Habsburg War?

The school does not just need notions, otherwise the manuals would be sufficient to train the future generations. School needs Passion, of empathy, of civic engagement, of building critical thinking and reasoning skills. All characteristics that those who dream of teaching risk losing, exaggerate, on the road to insecurity.

Back to the competition, the absurdity lies in the fact that those who complete the test are still taught in the classrooms, as many have expressed on social networks and in school communities. These are the same people who have already been called Substitutewho read aloud on the same subjects, paid by the same ministry which judged them not suitable to do the work they already do. I repeat, it sounds like a song from Dante’s inferno, but it’s our everyday life.

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