Teacher card 500 euros, how it works and what you can buy. Does it only apply to permanent teachers? FAQ

The Teachers’ Charter, worth 500 Euros, is awarded every year to the permanent teachers in public schools.

This applies to both full-time and part-time employees, as well as teachers who are in training and probationary periods, teachers who, for health reasons referred to in Article 514 of Legislative Decree 297/94, and subsequent amendments are not suitable. explained, teachers in a position of command, detachment, out of office or otherwise used, teachers in schools abroad, military schools.

To gain access to the teacher card, you must have a digital identity (SPID). The SPID is the authentication system that enables citizens in businesses Access Online Services of public administration and private trailers with a unique digital identity.

L ‘SPID IDENTITY it consists of login information (username and password), which is issued to the user and which allows access to all online services, so that it is possible to access the various services without having to obtain the different login information of the individual entities. It can be used by computers, tablets and smartphones.

What can you buy

Only the following goods or services can be purchased:

  1. Books and texts, including in digital format, publications and magazines useful for professional updating;
  2. Hardware and Software;
  3. Enrollment in courses for the updating and qualification of professional skills, conducted by bodies accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  4. Enrollment in bachelor’s, master’s, specialist or one – cycle courses related to the professional profile, or for postgraduate courses or university masters in the professional profile;
  5. Tickets for theatrical and cinematographic performances;
  6. Tickets for admission to museums, exhibitions and cultural events and live performances;
  7. Initiatives consistent with the activities identified in the framework of the three-year plan for the pedagogical provision of schools and the National Education Plan, referred to in Article 1, paragraph 124, of Law 107 of 2015.

What happens to the precarious

For the precarious, however, the situation is different. At present, the legislation does not provide for the adoption of the teacher card even for temporary workers. Thousands of precarious teachers help to ensure that the regular conduct of school activities is excluded from the publication of this economic support in order to facilitate updating and vocational training.

Recently, however, the Council of State has considered the exclusion of working hours to be illegitimate. In the opinion of the Council of State, this obligation cannot be excluded even for precarious staff. The Ministry of Education has no intention, however, of extending it to anyone, but working time workers could apply individually to the labor court for the right to the payment of the 500 euro bonus for all years of service. under contract for fixed duration.

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