Teacher card 500 Euro is also up to precarious workers, Judges of Turin accepted request and order 3 thousand Euros in a row

The Turin court accepted the appeal presented by Anief to uphold the teacher’s charter even to a precarious teacher. The judge agrees and also gives 3 thousand euros compensation for previous years.

An acceptance by a labor judge following the Council of State’s ruling, which awarded the bonus to a precarious teacher of the Catholic religion.

The decision of the CdS, n.1842 / 2022, made the school by bridging a disparity in treatment between permanent and temporary teachers to make the purchase of tools, resources and training opportunities.

Today’s verdict awarded the teacher who appealed the 500 euros for the current year, plus those of the five former substitutes, a total of 3 thousand euros in compensation. The sentence says that “the temporary teacher” must have the “benefits of the so-called teacher card, because according to Articles 63 and 64 of the CCNL for the category, the school administration is obligated, all teachers, without distinction between permanent and fixed Teachers, “instruments, resources and opportunities that guarantee training”, also that can certainly include the teacher’s charter “.

The sentence sponsored by ANIEF recalls that the teacher card – introduced by Article 1 paragraph 121 of Law 107/2015 – “is a bonus for the purchase of books, magazines, museum tickets, tickets to cultural events, theater and cinema or to enroll in a university degree and master’s courses, in refresher courses, conducted by qualified bodies or accredited by the Ministries of Education, University and Research “.

The judge of the Court of Turin reminds us that “the Council of State, with sentence no. 1842/2022, during the reform of the Lazio TAR sentence, which considered the exclusion of the Ministry of Education from temporary teachers from the benefit of the teacher’s electronic card, stated with fully acceptable arguments that the system was adopted by the Defendant Ministry. . provides for a type of “double traction” training, that is to say of teachers whose training is compulsory, permanent and structural and therefore economically supported by the provision of the Charter, and those of non-role teachers for which there is no obligation, and therefore no financial support “.

In conclusion, “Applicants must therefore establish the applicant’s right to use the economic benefit of € 500.00 per year through the teacher’s electronic card for the updating and training of teaching staff, with a conviction of the agreed administration to pay in favor of the application, for the school year 2015/16 to 2020/21 of the total amount of € 3,000.00 (€ 500.00 for each year), plus accessories as required by law ”.

500 Euro teacher card, Anief: first record sentence of labor judge after Council of State

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