Teacher Card 500 Euro, even the precarious can get it: here is how

All precarious teachers have the right to receive the 500 Euro electronic carate, including rears for previous years.

With a very recent statement, which we have reported in recent days, the Council of State has opened a passage for precarious teachers of the Catholic religion – but the principle applies to all precarious teachers – to, like everyone else, get permanent staff, the so-called electronic card worth 500 Euros per year.

Law 107/2015 establishes electronic card

Law 107/2015 provides for the creation of an electronic card with a nominal value of 500 Euros for the updating and training of teachers, for the purchase of books and texts, publications and magazines, but useful for updating professionals, for the purchase of hardware and software, for enrolling in courses for the updating and qualification of professional skills, graduate courses, master’s degrees, specialist or single-cycle courses, inherent in the professional profile, or postgraduate courses or Uni Masters related to the professional profile, for theater and cinematographic performances, for access to museums, exhibitions and cultural events and live performances, as well as for initiatives consistent with the activities set out in the three-year plan of the educational offer of the schools were identified in the National Education Plan.

Available to tenured teachers only

DPMMn 32313 of 25 September 2015, in defining the procedures for drawing and using the electronic card, however, as an exclusive recipient, only excluded permanent teaching staff from public schools, ie non-permanent staff.

Thousands of teachers excluded

Thousands of precarious teachers, who – every year – contribute to the regular conduct of school activities, have therefore been excluded from this economic support, which facilitates updating and vocational training.

The Council of State considers the exclusion of working time workers to be illegitimate

With a ruling on an appeal by a group of precarious teachers of the Catholic religion, but the principle is universally applicable and therefore applicable to all precarious teachers, the Council of State nevertheless considered it illegitimate to exclude this category of staff from the Council of State. Supply of electronic karate.

Even for the precarious it is a duty to train

In the opinion of the Council of State, in accordance with the principles of equal treatment and good performance of the Board of Directors, the training obligation for precarious staff cannot be excluded either, as it is unsustainable for the administration to use the latter. Category of staff for the provision of school services without requiring an adequate level of updating and training.

Therefore, by extending the obligation of training and updating to precarious workers, they can not be denied the right to use the aid, which consists of the annual electronic card of 500 Euros, useful for the Facilitate updating and vocational training.

To the precarious teachers the charter for the future and the past

All non-permanent teachers therefore have the right not only to receive the electronic card for the future, but in the light of the clear decision of the Council of State also the right to receive those for the already excellent years of service.

How to assert the attribution of the electronic card

Certainly the Ministry will not spontaneously open the cord of the scholarship, even the precarious worker will provide the electronic card, even more so for the already concluded employment relationship, therefore a legal action before labor judges will be necessary for the right to payment they claimed. by the teacher.for each year of service with a stipulation contract with the possibility for each teacher to recover at least 2500 euros if he has worked in the last 5 years.

In the meantime, it is advisable to proceed with an opinion of the administration to suspend the statute of limitations, and then proceed with the legal action.

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