Tasting route with Giuseppe Manilia

The Project Rosemary Young in addition to the national award “I Dreams of Rosemary” born for the ideals of Rosemary, daughter of Giuseppe Manilia In the Rosita Costa, disappeared prematurely. The project involves school children in a tasting class in a pastry shop together with the pastry shop.

The constant search for aesthetic and taste perfection, indispensable to transform pastry and art, becomes a “life course” for students. It happens when the multi-award winning pastry shop of Montesano sulla Maricani (Salerno) “comes to the chair”, Giuseppe Maniliasupported for the opportunity of the journalist and teacher of High Gastronomic Training Michele Armano. The initiative represents one of the many activities conceived by Giuseppe Manilia and his wife Rosita Costa their daughter to pursue their ideals Rosemarydied prematurely due to a severe aneurysm.

The Rosemary Giovani Project and the Pastry Shop

In solidarity, especially forSantobono Hospital of Naples and the annual national award “Dreams of Rosemary”therefore you close “Rosemary Young Project”. An extraordinary opportunity for the students of the schools concerned, who thus share all the secrets of Tasting route in the pastry shop “: a new and infinite idea, the result of two years of studies and experiments that led to the creation of a proper model, determined to become a reference standard of the highest quality.

Giuseppe Manilia, already winner of the “Pastry of the Year” award awarded byItalian Master Pastry Chef Academy and a regular guest of the RAI broadcasts, he thus provides his talent and experience on behalf of Rosemary to the young people who have experienced the friendship with his colleagues with great enthusiasm. After the inauguration of the projectGambero Rosso Academy in Rome, the second appointment saw as protagonists the students of the State Professional Institute for Food, Wine and Hospitality of theIIS “A. Sacco” by Sant’Arsenioled by the teacher Rosaria Murano.

Some of the creations made by Master Pastry Giuseppe Manilia during the meeting with the boys.
Project Rosemary Giovani
Some of the creations made by Master Pastry Giuseppe Manilia during the meeting with the boys.

In the spotlight all phases of the “tasting route”, designed to represent a reference model for every pastry: from conception to realization, to expression. A lesson that is applauded by many students, totally conquered by the professionalism, but the originality but above all by the heart of the “teacher” Giuseppe Manilia.

Video Interviews:

Giuseppe Manilia, the Pastry and Rosemary Giovani Project

Donate something, but something important: two years of experience I developed during Covid, which I provide to students on behalf of my daughter“. Giuseppe Manilia.

Michele Armano, Journalist and Rosemary Giovani Project

“We are here to try to stimulate these young people, not only to study, but also to continue, so to keep up to date, and above all to stay in a sector that is the most beautiful sector in the world,” he said. Michele Armano.

Rosaria Murano, the teacher and the Rosemary Giovani project

“Our children must have the opportunity to train at three hundred and sixty degrees and also to train outdoors, but our goal is to get them out of the territory and then make them stronger and better prepared in terms of professional and human skills and safety. of experiences “, Rosaria Murano

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