‘Tasks @ home’, Igt continues its commitment to the younger generations

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The Agostini Foundation, University of Turin and Igt work together to combat pedagogical fragility and early school exchange through the ‘Compiti @ casa’ project.

The second edition of the “Compiti @ casa” project has started in recent weeks, born in 2021 from the collaboration between the De Agostini Foundation and the University of Turin. to combat educational poverty and early school leaving and to support high schools in their studies. The initiative restarts from Milan, Turin and Novara and extends to Rome and Naples with a national dimension.

Chiara Boroli, President of the De Agostini Foundation, talks about the project: “Compiti @ casa is an initiative born in 2021 during the health emergency to respond to the risk of early school failure. The pilot project, which was introduced in three schools in Milan, Turin and Novara, received a very positive reception, both from the students , who asked to be followed in their studies, as well as by the university students who engaged with enthusiasm and competence in their role. Tutors. For this reason, we are proud that our proposal in the pedagogical programming of the schools that d ‘joined last year and that it extended to two new institutes in Rome and Naples thanks to Igtto whom I thank you for your support. This initiative demonstrates how the foundations today are increasingly aggregates of public and private, for-profit and non-profit entities that share common goals for the good of the community.

Stefano Geuna, Rector of the University of Turin explains: “The University of Turin is pleased to install its scientific skills in the service of the ‘Compiti @ casa’ project, which has a significant impact on the social sector for the benefit of students who need support to overcome learning difficulties and the autonomy that enables them to continue their education in the best possible way. The beautiful partnership, which was born last year with the De Agostini Foundation, highlights and draws attention to the issues of education and inclusion, has been strengthened thanks to the agreement with the University of Eastern Piedmont which brings together university tutors from different universities and thanks to the support of Igt who made it possible to extend the action of ‘Compiti @ casa’ on a national level. The Joint Venture created shows how important it is to work together, public and private institutions, for the benefit of the new generations and gives an interesting model life that is able to find new solutions to concrete needs.

And here are the words of Fabio Cairoli, CEO of Igt Global Lottery. With ‘Compiti @ casa’, Igt continues its commitment to the younger generations to help them face future challenges and to strengthen and develop new talents, thanks to a virtual synergy between public and private institutions. strengthens the commitment we have towards the community, offers students the opportunity to actively participate in the construction of their knowledge and through innovative and digital methods to stimulate positive feelings about school life ”.

THE PROJECT – “Compiti @ casa” offers support in learning the humanities, mathematics and scientific disciplines through an afternoon study activity for high school students, supported by university students as tutors. The proximity of age between students and tutors allows for creating a relationship of trust and mutual appreciation. Already a few weeks after the start of the project, the teachers noticed a lot of improvements in their students, both in terms of learning and participation in the classroom.
With “Tasks @ home”, schools become active topics for every purpose, to report the children and difficulties about the teachers involved in the tour in a training course and periodic verification of the initiative. The families also participate by signing a training agreement with the school to which they belong.

Activities – the latest from February to May, for a total of 6,000 hours of assistance – are remotely implemented using a digital platform designed and developed by the University of Turin for synchronous video lessons and for sharing interactive content. Each meeting takes place one after the other (one university tutor / two students) or one after the other, depending on needs, and is carried out by university students, who are selected by a call and appropriately prepared by a training course.

A partnership agreement between the University of Turin and the University of East Piedmont also opened the possibility for the students of the last university to be selected as tutors for the project. The University of Turin retains the role of scientific coordination with Professor Marina MarchisioProfessor of Complementary Mathematics, who has been conducting research in the field of Digital Education for many years and coordinates many research and learning projects on the subject, including in MI.

THE FIRST EDITION OF “TASKS @ CASA” – The first edition of the project involves 100 students from 3 secondary schools in Milan, Turin and Novara, 50 tutors from the University of Turin and 12 teachers, for a total of 15 weeks and 3,000 hours of tutoring.

The project has provided an inclusive and easily accessible digital learning environment and achieving a common goal has given life to a very vibrant educational community that has worked with a great spirit of collaboration.

At the end of the course, the students involved stated that the tutors were very useful because they allowed them to increase their knowledge (24%), to participate better in the classroom (22%), to have more confidence in their own abilities. . (20 percent), more interested in subjects (20 percent) and studying more independently (11 percent). 80 percent also expressed an interest in replicating the experience in the 2021-2022 school year as well.

By analyzing the questionnaires of the teachers of the three schools there were evident improvements in boys’ motivation and motivation to study, self-esteem, learning ability, autonomy, participation and skills (almost a point on a 5-point Likert scale). The benefits of the project were captured at different levels and in different dimensions.

The grade point average, again at the end of the project, increased significantly in both science and humanities, so that the students reached a complete passage. The feedback from the student families was also excellent, 94.5 percent of who would like their children to repeat. experience also in the year 2022.

Great satisfaction was also confirmed by the tutors, which 82 percent repeat this experience, and of the teachers who selected and accompanied the students in this way. Teachers recognized that 76 percent of students in science subjects had improved and 87 percent improvements in the humanities.

These are some of the most significant data confirming the success of the first edition of “Homework @ Home”, launched in an experimental phase in 2021 after a careful analysis of the needs arising from the pandemic that Millions of students have been forced to pursue. Lessons from home and sometimes very complex situations. Needs that were more felt in the schools and suburbs of the cities, especially in neighborhoods with problems of youth difficulties and with a strong multiethnic character.

THE SECOND EDITION COMES IN ROME AND NAPLES – The second edition of the initiative starts in recent weeks, newly proposed in some secondary schools in Milan, Turin and Novara, and introduced in two institutes in Rome and Naples, thanks to the support of Igtwho supported the project in an important way this year together with the De Agostini Foundation and the University of Turin.

“Tasks @ home” was greeted with great enthusiasm by all participating subjects (students, tutors, teachers, families) and achieved clear results, not only in terms of academic improvement. For the Agostini Foundation, it transforms from a project into an increasingly challenging program, which is expanded to as many schools as possible, guaranteeing its continuity over time.

The numbers of the second edition – This year, the numbers double. The students involved, who go to the first and second grade of high school, they went from 100 to 200 and the institutes from three to six. The university students who help the students study in the afternoon have also increased from 50 to 100 (50 for the humanities and 50 for the scientific-mathematical field) and 6,000 hours of tutoring.

The new schools participating in this second edition of “Compiti @ casa” are IC Bottacchi of Novara, IC Piazza Filattiera 84 of Rome and IC Adelaide Ristori of Naples, annexed to the institutes already participating in the “Pilot” edition of the initiative involved. : IC Renzo Pezzani from Milan, IC Leonardo da Vinci-Frank from Turin and IC Rita Levi Montalcini from Novara.

AGOSTINI FOUNDATION The Agostini Foundation was founded in 2007 in Novara by the will of the Boroli and Drago families, shareholders of the De Agostini Group. Strongly rooted in the area where the Agostini Group has been present since 1908, the Foundation is mainly active in the social field, with the aim of responding to the needs of the weakest categories of the community, in particular in the field of disability, education and education, social inclusion and emergencies. The Foundation has activated a network of relationships in collaboration with bodies, foundations and institutions that share the same goals and the same purposes and work together with them to create and support projects in Italy and internationally. Since the year of its birth, the De Agostini Foundation has supported 280 interventions, for a total amount of over 20 million euros.



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