Taranto: Teachers are back on the benches, training for civic education

Below is the press release:

Provide teachers of all levels and levels with operational tools to enhance the school’s ability to design curriculum through competencies, to integrate from a vertical perspective into disciplinary learning, to implement civic education courses for a serene social and fostering individual coexistence: the aim of the training for teachers of childhood, primary and secondary level “CIVICAL, planning courses for the civic education curriculum” held yesterday in the gymnasium of the IC Galileo Galilei in Taranto. Antonio D’Itollo, former Technical Director of USR Puglia and Supervisor of the FSO of Taranto and Professor Maria Teresa Santacroce, President of the Social Promotion Association SISUS (Italian Society of Human and Social Sciences), illustrates the centrality of the teaching of ‘Civic Education ‘, underlines the principle of the transversality of new education, including the plurality of learning objectives and expected competencies that are not attributable to a single discipline, nor are they exclusively disciplinary. It was emphasized that this is not a rigid container, but a functional indication of a simpler link between the disciplines and experiences of active nationality, which should contribute to the civic education curriculum. “Every discipline is in itself an integral part of the civic and social education of all students, because the teaching of Civic Education contributes to the education of responsible and active citizens and to a full and conscious participation in civic, cultural and social life. Community, in accordance with the rules, rights and obligations “(as provided by Ministerial Decree 35/20 – Annex A Guidelines for the Training of Civic Education. p. 1 and L.92 / 2019 Art. 1 c. 1) . “Education for teachers is essential to keep up with the times, but above all to grow with the needs of children and adolescents in growth and education – says the head of IC Galilei, Antonietta Iossa – Citizens’ education is from my point of view very important, because for a long time there has been more room for traditional subjects, forget that school is above all a basis for life, a school of life that children and adolescents do not fill containers, but people who are women and Men of the future will be and therefore must grow in awareness and autonomy also of choices and respect for each other and of the environment. ° is learning that totally involves the individual.I thank Dr. Antonio D’Itollo and Professor Maria Teresa Santacroce for accepting our invitation, which will be followed by further meetings, because for our Inst itut it is very important that teachers, especially in this socio-cultural context, have the right tools to be able to intervene in something that is the basis of life “.

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