Tape cutting for renovations

Ribbon cutting at the Marcantonio Flaminio High School in Vittorio Veneto for structural consolidation, seismic improvement and global restructuring of body A: total investment of € 2,285,603.00, while the Treviso Civil Engineers and the Venice Superintendent approve the Venice Executive ‘Restructuring of body B for another 750,000.00 Euros which will start as soon as green light. The province of Treviso, for the Lycée Vittorio, entrusted the final design for the restructuring of body C (244,233.00 euros) and was a candidate for MIUR and subsequently enrolled in the PNNR funding for a seismic improvement intervention. of Unit C for a total of € 2,995,000.00.

Liceo Flaminio has a total of 758 male and female students, divided into 36 classes, some of which are currently hosted at the San Giuseppe del Caburlotto Institute, just waiting for the completion of the works and who can now enter the new structure. Together with the President of the Province of Treviso Stefano Marcon, the Mayor of Vittorio Veneto Antonio Miatto, the Member of the European Parliament Gianantonio Da Re, the Chief Teacher of the Liceo Flaminio Emanuela Da Re, the lawyer and former student of Flaminio Bruno Barel, the team of managers and provincial technicians who followed the work with the company’s representatives who carry out the Bordignon Construction works and the engineering firms Semenzin and Sernagiotto.

“This cutting edge,” Marcon said, “for Liceo Flaminio’s consolidation and renovation work is yet another demonstration of the province’s commitment to young people: training is the cornerstone of the growth and development of each and every one of us and guarantees female students. Adequate schools are at the heart of our activity in the field of school construction. I am proud of the result, the result of a team of high-level professionals, and of the profitable understanding and cooperation of teacher Da Re. When we arrived in the province, the Delrio reform deprived us of the funds for everything. The first 2 million contributions received in 2018 were exactly for this high school, we jumped for joy. “In Treviso, we’ve already put 100 million works into the pipeline. That’s why I turn to you students: we must always think optimistically about the future and always believe in it!”

“We are grateful that the province has completed such an important intervention in our city, Vittorio Veneto – says Mayor Antonio Miatto – Liceo Flaminio is a point of reference for many students. And it is not the only work that the province, “I’ll think of the new Città della Vittoria and the Beltrame Gymnasium we’ll be discussing together.” “The intervention, even though it concerns an important component of the building – concludes teacher Da Re – has not created any disadvantages for the students and the correct conduct of the courses. I thank the province for the valuable cooperation in the Company for the great professionalism that is displayed. “As a former mayor, I am proud and I thank the province for investing in this historic high school,” said Toni Da Re, press of Barel, who reminded students of the importance remembered to study to grow and build a future.


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