Talent Hub, starting on February 28th, the orientation platform will be activated

The information day “L’INFORMAGIOVANI C’È” was held, organized by ANCI Lombardia, in collaboration with the network of partner municipalities of the regional project “Regional Orientation Platform” presented as part of the call for proposals “Lombardia is Youth 2020” and promoted by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with ANCI Lombardia.

During the event, addressed to organizations, institutions, actors and sector operators, who announced the presence of over 300 participants, the innovative platform for orientation TALENT HUB was presented and its functioning and potential for young people, families, schools, companies, communities and territorial areas.

TALENT HUB will be officially launched on February 28th, 2022 at 6pm during an event that will see interviews of two young people, on the topic of training and work, in a brief question and answer Alessandro Rosina, Full Professor of Demography and Social Statistics at the Faculty of Economics of the Catholic University and Coordinator of the “Youth Report” by Toniolo Institute, Luisa Cazzaro, President of the Lombardy Delegation of AIDDA, Association of Entrepreneurs Women Company Managers – Partner of the Centro Dino Ferrari Association, Gianluca Galimberti, Mayor of Cremona and Claudio Sponchioni – CEO at Jobiri – Innovative career and employment services through socially influential technologies – Technology partners of the project.
Leading the meeting will be Andrea Mattioli, HR Manager and TEDxCremona Licensor.

At 6.30 pm the program includes the countdown, switching on of the TALENT HUB and a virtual toast.
All details for the event are published on the ANCI Lombardia website and on the official channels of the TALENT HUB:

https://www.facebook.com/TalentHub Platform


TALENT HUB is the result of an intensive work carried out by the youth informatics of the municipalities of Cremona (project leader), Bergamo, Brescia, Lecco, Lissone, Lodi, Novate Milanese, Varese, Metropolitan city of Milan and by technology partner Jobiri focusing on opportunity / usefulness bet, at a regional level, to connect the services for an educational and professional orientation to the young people in our area.
The meeting was moderated by G. Piera Vismara, contact person for ANCI Lombardia of the calls for “Lombardy belongs to young people”.

The opening ceremony Stefano Bolognini, Counselor for Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communication of the Lombardy Region, underlines the importance of the role of youth information for young people in contacting the training and working world and providing tools that are capable Generate opportunities for them by making them protagonists.

Mauro Guerra, President of the ANCI Lombardy, underlines how active policies and the construction of strong relationships between local actors are essential to accompany young people in the moments of passage from school – school, school – work, work – work.

“We have invested skills, commitment, determination in this project,” said Maria Carmen Russo, chair of the ANCI Lombardia Regional Youth Committee and coordinator of the Regional Orientation Platform project.

“During these 15 years of the work of the Informagiovani Regional Council, we have understood the need to create a tool that creates a network and makes us recognizable. We are committed to building an inclusive network that is capable of reaching all territories and an instrument, both physical and digital, that focuses on young people, fosters contact between users and operators, which is at the service of schools, universities, companies, institutions and the whole educational community “.

Following was a preview of the promotional video made by PIRENE SrL – Communications Agency and Claudio Sponchioni, CEO at Jobiri – Innovative career and employment services through socially influential technologies – Technological partners of the project illustrate the functionalities of the platform.

The goal of the Talent Hub is to help build a collaborative and integrated system.
Talent Hub differs from any other system in that it is a tool that allows you to provide an effective mix of services both online and face-to-face in youth information.
The platform has many areas and functions dedicated to different objectives: for young people seeking information and support for the choice of study or career path, for companies looking for talent, for educational institutions interested in well-known courses and provide services for communities that want to become part of the network, to open or upgrade their youth information centers, for operators engaged in day-to-day orientation activities.

“Training as a Strategy: Changing and Certifying the Skills of Youth Information Operators” was the title of the speech by Luca Pedrazzoli, Director of the Youth Service of the Municipality of Lecco and Coordinator of the Training Action.

This was followed by Maura Ruggeri, Councilor for Education and Human Resources of the municipality of Cremona – Project Leader, who illustrated the role of the “Political Table”: “All the work so far, starting from the ANCI’s Youth Information Council. Willingness of 9 Lombard communities to join the network and to take advantage of the opportunity offered by La Lombardia and the Giovani 2020, to set up a new guidance system and a common model based on the experiences and good practices that have been implemented .of the Informagiovani.
Our goal is to guide young people from the choice of postgraduate education to the world of work. We are facing an innovative and challenging project, which requires the presence of a transversal governance, but it is a challenge that we accept because it is exciting and we are passionate about it. “

Loredana Poli, Counselor for Education and Youth Policy of the Municipality of Bergamo and President of the Education – Education – School Building Department of ANCI Lombardia also intervened; Luca Bramati and Riccardo Mariani.


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