Talent Hub, Guerra presents: I thank the communes for supporting the network experience for youth policy

On the occasion ofInfo day “THE BOY INFORMATION IS THERE” was presented Regional Talent Hub Orientation Platform. It opened the works Gianpiera Vismara of the event, which takes place at the end of the project “Lombardy belongs to the young people 2020”, which led a network of municipalities created by the municipality of Cremona a platform for the orientation of young people. Bergamo, Brescia, Lecco, Lissone, Lodi, Novate Milanese, Varese, the Metropolitan City of Milan and the technology partner Jobiri also participated in the creation of the platform, which bets on the possibility / usefulness of school management services at regional level to connect and professionally target young people in our area. A challenge that involved professional and specialized resources on the topic of leadership in Anci Lombardia, through the Department of Youth. Gianpiera Vismara also emphasized the importance of what has been achieved in the context of the European Year of Youth in the Lombardy Region and thanked the Councilor for Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communication. Stefano Bolognini which has closely followed the initiatives in the territories.

In his speech, Councilor Bolognini focused on the protagonism of young people, thanks to the Youth Information Network, which he defined as a “programming hub”, a hotspot for setting up future programming and sharing projects. Informagiovani – he said – are an important tool to support young people. Therefore, the Lombardy region has invested 250,000 euros to qualify the competencies of the operators working there. When we as young people speak negatively or lack of answers, I believe that these initiatives are the best answer thanks to the will of the region and territories to bring new policies to life, to enable young people to participate in social life. The fact that over 550 organizations with over 150,000 young people participated in the Lombardy editions and youth projects gives an idea of ​​the importance of what was done. “The law for young people,” he concluded, “allows us to strengthen the initiatives we have embarked on in the coming months, in the hope that they can continue to grow in the territories.”

Gianpiera Vismara, in his speech by the President of Anci Lombardia Mauro Guerra, underlined the importance of the fundamental role of youth information as a programming hub “born as a strategic tool, it is now necessary to further innovate with the goal of young People do are the protagonists ”.

President Mauro Guerra Thank you to the communities “that bring to life the experience of this network, to re-evaluate its relevance to other territories as well, for the active orientation policy that enables young people to be informed and educated in their schools and work paths. accompany – work, topics on which we also measure in this phase of the conclusion of the pandemic.This all is an important element today to support the young people in the transition to the world of work, even in the current time where the rumors of War returns to Europe In addition to the commitment of the municipalities to build peace networks, we are committed to the concrete work of mentoring for the young and therefore I thank the municipalities, administrators and staff, starting from Cremona, the policy on the Build up territories.

Maria Carmen Russo, President of the Regional Council for Youth Information ANCI Lombardia and Coordinator of the “Regional Orientation Platform”, took stock of the preconditions that gave life to the project. “What we are presenting today – he said – is the starting point of an important journey and a starting point for the realization of an idea that was made possible thanks to the tireless work of many actors. It is a tool for the realignment of competencies that favors co-planning, is capable of reaching all young people in our area, supports the training of operators and advisers, an instrument that favors the autonomy of young people, so that they become actors of their present and Future, so that they can make an informed choice, an instrument that is not an end in itself, but that promotes services and disseminates knowledge of services in the territories. Provide day-to-day, also for businesses, to facilitate the match of supply and demand.A tool for improving day-to-day by constantly optimizing it.An open building site.The Consulta degli Informagiovani felt the need to share good practice and transform it into networking initiatives and projects.

He talked about the role of the political table Maura Ruggeri, Councilor for Education and Human Resources of Cremona Commune Lead Partner of the project: “It all started with youth information in the nine communities that networked to take advantage of the project’s opportunities. To create an orientation system, a common model which utilizes the good practice of youth information, the skills of professionals and the coordination of advisers and Anci Lombardia who have played and still play a fundamental role in the management of branches in the territories. of young people, who accompany us in our choices, in our training and in our jobs. which also needs the support of the party for its development potential, which is why we have set up a political working table that supports this path. unscrupulous, we have helped to solve various problems and have brought our point of view. Thanks to this synergy, and with the support of Anci Lombardia, we have given the platform a wider scope by engaging with the 2021 edition of Lombardia dei Giovani also the districts with a generative approach that puts municipalities first to offer. a sustainable model, accessible to small communities as well, in a logic of subsidiarity “

He spoke about the role of the ANCI Lombardia in integrating youth policy Loredana Poli, Councilor for Education and Youth Policy of the Municipality of Bergamo and President of the Education, Education, School Building Department of ANCI Lombardia: “Anci Lombardia has certainly established a central role in the network system, thanks to its coordinating role and its ability to bring different souls together. A key role thanks to the following actions: continuous dialogue with the Lombardy region thanks also to the technical part with Gianpiera Vismara; the transversal work between the various departments of Anci Lombardia with moments of comparison also about the perspectives that Opening projects; promoting the project in the network of municipalities and promoting the youth information network even at a time when the focus on youth policy was not so much at the center of political attention; promoting a new vision for the Youth policy in the communes through the support of the young people in the different moments v on the transition from school to work, work-in-work, from a vision of aid that is typical of recent years, a new vision that we have tried to incorporate into the zoning plans as well; the involvement of the education department in the coordination of counselors. All this work shows that Anci Lombardia took the issue of work as central to youth policy. However, to build satisfactory life projects includes the need to live in a situation of peace “- concluded Loredana Poli, referring to the current situation in Ukraine.

Luca Pedrazzoli, Director of the Lecco Municipality’s Youth Service, Coordinator of the training action, spoke about the training as a strategy to implement and certify the competencies of the information youth operators. Luca Bramati by Ancilab presents the results of the survey and analysis of the organization of the existing community structures and of the provision of services for young people 2021. It closed the works Riccardo MarianiCoach and Consultant for Community Development Projects and Community Welfare speaks of youth information as a preferred channel, capable of favoring the connection to the system and the network logic.

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