Youth policy, a call to promote the growth, training and gathering of young people in the area

The Municipality of Cervia promotes the “Action Youth Provinces”, an initiative financed by the Fonds Nationale des Jeunes Politiken, to experiment large-scale interventions in the field of youth policy, through the involvement of different institutional levels, youth associations and all actors who , for various reasons, with young people. The aim of the project is … Read more

Education Pact for Naples. Don Pagano: “A choral commitment today to have results in a few years”

The path of the Church, civil society and institutions continues after the alarm launched a few months ago by Archbishop Battaglia, to which the Bishop of Pozzuoli, Msgr. Pascarella. The coordinator of the pact and the observatory on educational resources and frailties spoke to SIR (Photo: ANSA/SIR) Last October, the Archbishop of Naples, Msgr. Mimmo … Read more

The Missionaries of Charity must leave Nicaragua with other NGOs

According to a government report, the nuns did not fulfill some legal obligations, violated anti-money laundering legislation, terrorist financing and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and were not accredited by the Ministry of Family Affairs for the management of their activities. In a tweet the disappointment of the Auxiliary Bishop of Managua Monsignor … Read more

Continuing education project at the hotel in Termoli – News – Molise

Together School, Region, East and Federation of Chiefs (ANSA) – TERMOLI, 07 APR – Continuing education of students and graduates to improve their professional qualifications. This is the new project of the “Federico II di Svevia” Hotel Institute of Termoli, presented today at the headquarters of the high school of the Adriatic city. The initiative … Read more

Memorandum of Understanding between TEKNE and the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS Fap Training Institute of Ortona. A one-hundred-hour professionalization course for 5-year-old IPSIA Marconi students with TEKNE staff.

Monday, March 7, at the Ortonese headquarters of the company TEKNE, one of the leading companies in Italy, which develops and develops industrial, special and military vehicles and electronic systems for automotive, defense and safety, a memorandum of understanding which sees the activation . of a partnership with the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS … Read more