the contractors of the VCO met the candidates of our constituency

Mirella Cristina (FI), Alberto Gusmeroli (Lega), Enrico Borghi (PD), Luca Zacchero (M5S), Luigi Marattin (Action-Italia Viva) participated in the debate Press release – On the occasion of the political elections of next September 25, a meeting with the candidates of our constituency was organized yesterday at the headquarters of the industrial union VCO, organized by … Read more

There are no seasonal workers, Ukrainian refugees are coming to La Spezia a Accord signed by La Spezia Prefecture and of Chamber of Commercea contribution to the solution Lack of seasonal workers in the hospitality sector and especially of the Tourism and of Catering. Adult refugees of Ukrainian nationality who apply will be offered the opportunity to access quarterly contracts. As the only restriction on membership … Read more

Reductions in social security contributions and a halt to undeclared work, only then can tourism resume

C.amerieri, chefs and bartenders are now exempted from the obligation of the mask. All the security measures that have been taken in two years (from distances to vaccinations, to the super green pass) have allowed us to put the whole world of hospitality back on the streets: from nightclubs to hotels, from bars to pizzerias, … Read more

Staff not available in the historic center of Venice, 3 thousand operators missing in hotels

VENICE – The world ofHospitality Venetian ass on the knees. Chef, waiter, help chefsStaff assigned to them Clean upbut also bartenders, Goalkeepers In the Winding machine they are the new dogs that lay golden eggs that risk being paid dearly for those who want to grab them. But this is not necessarily good news, as … Read more

How to write a CV to find a job in the tourism industry

Traveling is a passion shared by many people. Whether it’s a short business trip or a vacation with your family, breaking away from your daily routine and going on holiday is the perfect way to clear your mind and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Tourism welcomes not only customers but also many workers. On the other … Read more