Environmental-cultural-events- 12/06/2022 – Great success for the musical essay of the secondary school of Pomarico

Great success for the musical essay of Pomarico Secondaire 06/12/2022 The evening of June 7th, in the Pomarico sports hall, the closing of the music-oriented classes of the secondary high school. The girls and boys from the music class performed a beautiful repertoire of pop and classical music in a beautiful ensemble of clarinets, piano, … Read more

Environment-culture-events- 03/29/2022 – “For a more supportive and fraternal society: Reflections on intercultural dialogue

“For a more supportive and fraternal society: reflections on intercultural dialogue 29/03/2022 It was discussed at IIC Pythagoras by Policoro in the presence of Don Pino Marino, Bishop’s President for Catholic Education and Pastoral Education, who, together with Teacher Maria Carmela Stigliano and Professor Pietro Silletti, Professor of Religion, explored the whole issue. School community … Read more

Voice of Politics – 02/26/2022

In this difficult period, characterized by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic that has marked our society so much in the last two years, the fixed point at which we have never moved the will, was repeatedly reaffirmed by President Bardi , to program and implement all conditions to overcome distance education and to guarantee … Read more