the first 140 thousand euros allocated to 9 projects

Support for the teaching of musical disciplines and innovative school libraries: the first 140 thousand euros allocated for 9 projects. The Board of Directors of Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevanoin recent days, has considered the winning projects of the appeals Bibloh! In the From the classroom to the orchestra, launched last spring and targeted primary … Read more

Work completed for over 4 million euros

In recent days, the mayor of Forlì, Gian Luca Zattini, and councilors Paola Casara and Vittorio Cicognani have carried out a thorough inspection of three major schools in the Forlì region, subject to a profound restyling of a structural, seismic and energetic point. of view. They are the primary “Dante Alighieri”, “Livio Tempesta” and “Focaccia”. … Read more

“The street belongs to everyone”, a day of road formation in the primary “Jole Orsini” in Amelia

“The street belongs to everyone.” This is not only the slogan of the last stage of the project on the history of the engines and road safety organized by the “Rete takes us in hand” in collaboration with the classes IV A and IV B (normal time) of the ” Jole Orsini “Amelia Primary School. … Read more

The municipality of Naples opens schools: “We want to listen to the requests of the students”

Palazzo San Giacomo opens its doors to primary and secondary students. So this morning some kids – from the Istituto Comprensivo Bovio Colletta – attended the first meeting of the project Shared destination. An initiative to create a bridge between school and administration: “We want to give children the opportunity to share their experiences, their … Read more

Include Reconnect, a new project for Genoese schools

A new project to provide the innovative schools with an innovative and inclusive model that emphasizes the continuity between the different levels of education in the age group 0-13, with digital technologies as an opportunity for didactic and administrative renewal. The Reconnect to Include project is divided into two levels aimed at Genoa schools: digital … Read more

determine the resources for the province of Forlì-Cesena

A commitment that grows and strengthens year by year. The audience of Emilia-Romagna students benefiting from a scholarship has expanded: they were 18,374 in the school year 2020-2021, they will climb to 20,241 this year (+ 10.7%). This is thanks to a total funding of 4.7 million between regional and ministerial resources, almost 800 thousand … Read more

Inauguration of the new welding laboratory of the Di Marzio Michetti Institute sponsored by Walter Tosto

The new one was inaugurated Sweat Workshop of the Institute Ipsas Di Marzio Michetti of Pescaravery excited by Walter Tosto Spa and 20 workstations offer students to practice and learn the secrets of wire, electrodes and gas welding. This was cut off by the headmistress Maria Antonella D’Ascanio on the occasion in the presence of … Read more

the two new projects of the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation

D.two three-year projects, for a total investment of 420 thousand euros. So those Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano puts itself in the service of the Piacenza schools and proposes an extension of traditional teaching with new tools and methodologies. Projects, Bibloh! In the From the classroom to the orchestra, aimed at primary and secondary schools, … Read more