Save children alarm: “In Italy 51% of 15-year-olds are unable to understand a text”

“Implied early retirement, ie the inability of a 15-year-old boy to understand the meaning of a written text, is 51%. A tragedy, not only for the education system and for economic development, but for the democratic real estate of a country.Most affected are students from the poorest families living in the South and those with … Read more

Gluten-free menu in schools for Celiac Week 2022

Gluten-free menu for Bolognese schools next week. From the 16th to the 21st of May, on the occasion of the National Celiac Week, the Bologna Local Health Authority supports the initiative ‘Tutti a tavola all sammen’, which is nationally promoted by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) to promote Catering canteen a gluten-free menu. A complete … Read more

Work completed for over 4 million euros

In recent days, the mayor of Forlì, Gian Luca Zattini, and councilors Paola Casara and Vittorio Cicognani have carried out a thorough inspection of three major schools in the Forlì region, subject to a profound restyling of a structural, seismic and energetic point. of view. They are the primary “Dante Alighieri”, “Livio Tempesta” and “Focaccia”. … Read more

Discover the historical archives of the Institute for the 150th Anniversary of Paolo Savi

Viterbo – Announcement by Manager Paola Bugiotti: “We are studying documents and school records in collaboration with the University of Tuscia” Viterbo – We get and publish – With great satisfaction the teacher Paola Bugiotti announces that on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Technical Institute of Viterbo, the … Read more

Ascotrade rewards Santa Maria della Pieve School with 2,500 euros

The award ceremony of the Santa Maria della Pieve School of Castelfranco Veneto was held today, which for the first quarter of the school year 21/22 was one of the winners of Digi and Lode, the Ascotrade – Hera Group initiative supporting digitalisation. Projects from local schools, involving its clients in the activation of virtual … Read more

The Hera Group rewards the Prati school with 2,500 euros

The award ceremony of the Prati di Treviso primary school was held on Wednesday, which was for the first quarter of the school year 21/22 to the winners of Digi and Lode, the Ascotrade – Hera Group initiative to support the digitization projects of locals. Schools involve their clients in the activation of virtual digital … Read more

School Competition | still controversy over the Sasso quiz

School competition, still controversy over quiz. Sasso: “I ask for a serious and correct check. The good teacher is not the expert in terms” (Sunday, May 1, 2022) The many reports about you quiz of Competition ordinary high schoolers have been monopolizing attention for weeks. Elo, Secretary of State Rossano Stone, he wants to see … Read more

Atlante Italian Teacher Award, here are the six finalists of the award for the best projects from the schools

After the break in the pandemic, United Network Europe, the largest European organization that develops and promotes innovative higher education courses for young people, is back. In fact, from 2 to 4 May, Immun Middle School 2022 will take place in Rome, an initiative involving over a thousand students from high schools in Lazio and … Read more

120 thousand fewer students and goodbye to chicken coop classes

It definitely speeds up the Population decline in the Italy, where families are having fewer and fewer children. In fact, next September, in the School classes there will be 120 thousand fewer students, compared to today, and it’s a growing phenomenon. A phenomenon that is probably the only positive thing that helps the classrooms: If … Read more