At Marconi, competition between schools over transport, logistics and aircraft management

Tomorrow, April 28th and Friday 29th, the G. Marconi Technological Institute of Padua will host the 2022 edition of the National Competition of Excellence of the Technical Institutes of Transport and Logistics, option of Air Vehicle Management. The historic Paduan Institute, already the winner of the first edition, held in Rome in 2021, has the … Read more

Memorandum of Understanding between TEKNE and the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS Fap Training Institute of Ortona. A one-hundred-hour professionalization course for 5-year-old IPSIA Marconi students with TEKNE staff.

Monday, March 7, at the Ortonese headquarters of the company TEKNE, one of the leading companies in Italy, which develops and develops industrial, special and military vehicles and electronic systems for automotive, defense and safety, a memorandum of understanding which sees the activation . of a partnership with the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS … Read more