the contractors of the VCO met the candidates of our constituency

Mirella Cristina (FI), Alberto Gusmeroli (Lega), Enrico Borghi (PD), Luca Zacchero (M5S), Luigi Marattin (Action-Italia Viva) participated in the debate Press release – On the occasion of the political elections of next September 25, a meeting with the candidates of our constituency was organized yesterday at the headquarters of the industrial union VCO, organized by … Read more

Liceo Marconi, Maturity for Experimental 4. Q: “Lots of 100, awesome students”

First important milestone for the four-year experimental scientific high school of Marconi di Foggia: the 24 students (8 girls and 16 boys) of the 4Q have completed the high school exams in the last days with a brilliant result: nine graduates with 100, of which three with Honor, further eight with a degree above 90. … Read more

at the Volta, the biomedical orientation becomes active

Again this year, Liceo Scientifico ‘A. Volta ‘di Foggia, which affirms the professional commitment of the whole school structure, has succeeded in distinguishing and focusing the pedagogical expectations of the students of the fourth and fifth grades on the cognitive and experiential content of the biomedical orientation. The success of the formula of an “active … Read more