the contractors of the VCO met the candidates of our constituency

Mirella Cristina (FI), Alberto Gusmeroli (Lega), Enrico Borghi (PD), Luca Zacchero (M5S), Luigi Marattin (Action-Italia Viva) participated in the debate Press release – On the occasion of the political elections of next September 25, a meeting with the candidates of our constituency was organized yesterday at the headquarters of the industrial union VCO, organized by … Read more

Unification of schools. The criticism of the Bellaria Democratic Party: it was time •

🔊 Listen to the audio The municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina announced yesterday that in the school year 2023/2024 the two schools come together, called Bellaria and Igea to form a single comprehensive institution. A choice that is reduced by the students: a decade ago there were 2,200 / 2,400, today they are just over … Read more

Minister Bianchi returns to Valdobbiadene

The National Festival of School Innovation meets the local administrators of Italy. It is the most important innovation of the second edition of the review, scheduled in Valdobbiadene from 2 to 4 September 2022. The round table, which is organized in collaboration with the municipal administration of Valdobbiadene, will be an opportunity to reflect on … Read more

Il Vescovado – Scuola, Registration for Micronids of the S2 Cava-Costa d’Amalfi Area: Applications until August 5th

From the 9th Wednesday, July 6, 2022 it is possible to apply for enrollment in the socio-pedagogical services for early childhood of the Area Area S2 Cava – Amalfi Coast Plan for the 2022/2023 educational year. The structures that exist in the communities of Cava de ‘Tirreni, Amalfi, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Scala In the Sunsetscan … Read more

Environmental-cultural-events- 12/06/2022 – Great success for the musical essay of the secondary school of Pomarico

Great success for the musical essay of Pomarico Secondaire 06/12/2022 The evening of June 7th, in the Pomarico sports hall, the closing of the music-oriented classes of the secondary high school. The girls and boys from the music class performed a beautiful repertoire of pop and classical music in a beautiful ensemble of clarinets, piano, … Read more

The Digital Events Library in Naples is inaugurated at the Cesare Pavese Comprehensive Institute

On May 31st at 5 pm, inauguration of the “Digital Library” of the IC “Cesare Pavese” in Naples, a very innovative project, in line with Action # 24 of the PNSD, on not only for the Institute but for the whole territory. and those who wish to enroll. This project ensures a complete digitization of … Read more

On May 30, the school went on strike. The reasons for ATAs

As FLC CGIL, together with the other unions, we have launched a major mobilization that affects the entire education community and will end with the general strike on Monday 30 May. On May 30, the school went on strike. Francesco Sinopoli explains why [VIDEO] A few days after the vote for the renewal of the … Read more

Molfetta: Great success at the conference table “Women and Sports”

“Women and Sports – Testimonials and Perspectives” © nc The conference entitled “WOMEN and SPORT – TESTIMONIALS AND PERSPECTIVES” was held on Monday 16 May, strongly supported by the CONI Trust of the Municipality of Molfetta and organized by the ACSI BAT and Molfetta Committee, with the active cooperation of the “Licei Einstein- da Vinci” … Read more

the new free webinar of the Abc Burlo Eventi in Trieste

The ABC Association for the Surgical Children of Burlo, which has been helping all children since 2005 to deal with the complex surgical procedures at the Burlo Garofolo Mother and Children’s Hospital in Trieste, continues with the project “Protection and Rights”, which aims to Reaction to the Burlo Garofolo to respond. Needs of many families … Read more

“An institute dedicated to educating students for responses to the agricultural needs of f

On the occasion of World Health Day, Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Agri-Food Address of the IT “GCFalco” of Capua, Associated Headquarters of Grazzanise, the event “Sow your well-being. Tomatoes, good for you and for research”. The meeting, in collaboration with ALIDA – Italian Legal Association for Agri-food Law, was held in the Aula Magna by “F. Gravante” … Read more