“Impronte” was born in Rovereto. Merger of the cooperatives “Il Ponte” and “Iter”

The extraordinary shareholder meetings voted in favor of the merger project of the two social cooperatives. In Rovereto there is a new social cooperative. It is “Impronte”, the result of the merger of “Il Ponte” and “Iter”. Two experiences and two forty years of stories that decided to participate. The favorable vote expressed by the … Read more

Music, Medicine and Court Life in 17th Century Rome – Music

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 24 – Choir singer, doctor and chronicler: these are the three parallel lives of Francesco Massonetti in Rome between the middle of the seventeenth century and the first decades of the eighteenth century told in the handwritten autobiography published by Giancarlo Rostirolla for the first time by Ibimus, the Institute for … Read more

the contractors of the VCO met the candidates of our constituency

Mirella Cristina (FI), Alberto Gusmeroli (Lega), Enrico Borghi (PD), Luca Zacchero (M5S), Luigi Marattin (Action-Italia Viva) participated in the debate Press release – On the occasion of the political elections of next September 25, a meeting with the candidates of our constituency was organized yesterday at the headquarters of the industrial union VCO, organized by … Read more

Build supportive, sustainable and happy communities with future generations

A new guide has been published, created by the Federation and edited by Erickson, to accompany teachers and teachers on a path to achieve the cooperative culture and open school cooperative associations, conceived by the Trentino Cooperation as a tool to strengthen knowledge and to develop good -based skills on values ​​such as democracy, inclusion … Read more

Unification of schools. The criticism of the Bellaria Democratic Party: it was time • newsrimini.it

🔊 Listen to the audio The municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina announced yesterday that in the school year 2023/2024 the two schools come together, called Bellaria and Igea to form a single comprehensive institution. A choice that is reduced by the students: a decade ago there were 2,200 / 2,400, today they are just over … Read more

News: Demographic Party | Bassanonet.it

The press conference at City Hall (Photo Alessandro Tich) The subject is one that cannot be missed from the humble chronicler’s notebook, as its relevance to the much-discussed future of the Mazzini school is implicit. But Mazzini, or “il” Mazzini as they say, is just one aspect, no matter how important, of a problem that … Read more

Salernonotizie.it | Information portal of Salerno and its province

We must condemn with grief the gross ignorance of history that is now permeating our society. A phenomenon that has developed since the late sixties of the last century, as in school education and even in the university the old historical-humanist structure was gradually replaced by the exclusive prevalence of the technological and economic. All … Read more

Vocational training course for Ospitality Tuscia Hall and Bar presented

Tarquinia – From 28 February to employees of tourism companies and students in hospitality classes Presentation of the course “Ospitality Tuscia”. Tarquinia – We get and publish – Improve the quality of hospitality and accommodation and restaurant facilities in the area, with all actors directly and indirectly interested in the tourism sector. This is the … Read more

School Dispersion: Here is ‘After School Re-Creative Imagining-Doing’.

The project to combat early school leavers, which will be presented this morning at the Benevento City Council meeting, is called ‘AfterScuola Re-Creative Imaginare-Fare’. An initiative, promoted by the Il Tulipano Bianco APS Association and the Confeuro Sannio, sponsored by the Department of Social Policy and the Io X Benevento Association, aimed at young people … Read more