Tabita Project, the course in “Fashion Design” is over: great satisfaction of the students

The second free course has also come to an end “.FASHION DESIGN MAT MULTIMEDIA INSTRUMENTS “ of 100 hours in the framework of the “TABITA” project, co-financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Ministry of Youth and the National Civil Service, a project which aims not only at educating young people, but also, and above all, to be a symbol of the spirit of service, altruism and motivation that should animate young people of every generation.

Still strong was the presence of young women who decided to pursue their passion for fashion by participating in the professional courses promoted by the “Tabita” project; 34 trainees participated in the “GRAPHICS, PHOTOGRAPHY AND JOURNALISM OF SHION AND COSTUME” and “FASHION DESIGN WITH MULTIMEDIA TOOLS” courses, through which they gained skills in the world of journalism and tailoring.

Positive feedback can only come directly from the students. “Tabita helped me have a 360 degree view of everything that is in the world of fashion, from the stylistic aspect to the modeling and above all I was able to discover the many features of the fashion software,” said Gloria.

Lucia Luzza, President of the Vibosalus Social Cooperative, commenting instead on the results achieved so far “We at Vibosalus and the Association of Voluntary Service Institute for the Family Sec. 278 Ionadi (VV), can say that we have achieved this We have achieved what we set out to do in the design phase: to guarantee education aimed at the employment of the disadvantaged, the unemployed or at risk from school. Young people are the future of society, our job is to train them and them the opportunity to have a worthy future! “

The training continues with the last course already started, of “CUTTING, CUTTING, SEWING AND MODELS” focuses more on the manual and practical aspect of the creation of the garments, and therefore the transformation of the pattern, the Control and processing of garment, packaging, embroidery, cutting techniques and methods.

In fact, the 14 trainees are already at work in creating the clothes that are the protagonists of the final show. During the event, they will parade from the brand collection “TABITA” for men, women and children, along with garments made by the involved Calabrian workshops. At the parade, the social campaign against femicide is organized and

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