Syria, the appeal of the Monza Asbl “Together we can make”: “Do not forget this war”

For at least fifty days it is enough to watch every newscast or read all the newspapers, including on the internet, to always find the same topic on the first page: the war between Russia and Ukraine. This conflict, with its many consequences also in Europe and Italy, is not the only one that is currently worthwhile our earth a worse and less human place to live.

At present, there are at least 20 wars declared to create bloodshed, death, and suffering and destruction in various latitudes of the world. Including the one in Syriawhere the president powers his government for eleven years Bashar al-Assadsupported by Putin himself who attacks the Ukrainians, e.g. armed rebel militias they faced each other in a civilian confrontation hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of refugees and displaced persons.

Lorenzo Locati with a Syrian girl


Between so much despair and pain, however, there are those who try to move on with all their might Shine of hope. They happened ten years since then “Together we can do it”Monza Asbl founded by Lorenzo LocatiFormer Professor of Physical Education at Nanni Valentini Art School, Born First Charity Mission “Easter in Syria”.

It was 2013. Now that we are in the year 2022 and in a few hours the Lord will rise again this year, the many The projectespecially in favor ofChildren’s education and to help their families understand what “Together we can do” means, they will meet all their urgent needs.

In fact, they may take on an even greater meaning in the face of tragic living conditions of the civilian population and to a meanwhile gangrenous situation, where the Russians are keeping their positions and keeping part of northwestern Syria in check, which has not yet been recaptured by their ally, President Assad. The an increasingly tense international geopolitical contextthen it definitely does not help.



“At Easter 2013, we were in Syrian territory at the Bab al-Salam Displaced People Camp – remember Locati – we would never have imagined that we were still helping Syrian civilians. A very long war, forgotten, like so many others, unfortunately, but one that destroys a nation and a generation of Syrians.

“During this period, rightly, we speak and act concretely, to help the people of Ukraine – he continues – but we we can not forget the children who go to our schools, the families who have fled the war, and survive terrible conditions in the tent camps on the border with Turkey“.

What worries the founder and president of “Together we can do” is the extreme poverty in which thousands of children and families live. “L ‘embargo, wanted, in my view also rightly, from the United Nations in the west towards Assad, enriched the warlords, while there are those who die of hunger – he explains – theInflation it makes it difficult to find many basic foods and make it to mid-month. Fruit and vegetable prices have increased tenfold compared to before the war “.



Monza Onlus tries to respond to such great difficulties by concentrating its efforts on education and support for women, in the deep conviction that the future of a battered country lies above all in schooling who had hitherto known only war.

To help “Together we can do”, which he set up an ever-broader network of solidarity can send, among other things over 40 containers of humanitarian aidthere are many people who have believed and still believe in the last 10 years does well in a simple and direct way.


“Unfortunately, we have succeeded in keeping open all the initiatives that we have launched during this period, and we are involved in Syria and Turkey on the Syrian border,” says Locati. “Together we can make school” in Bab al-Hawa in Syria, where we have built from scratch, and we fully recover for the cost of the bills, teaching staff and teaching materials, a school that allows 250 Children and to study worthy classrooms, of which one is named after City of Monza to thank the generosity of those who do Donate“.

“Then there is the Plaster School in Reyhanli, Turkey, supported by “Every child is my child” projectvisited by 85 children, mostly disabledwhere during this period of Ramadan we provide the little students with food during the day and we give them a food package a week to take their families home – he continues – always on the education front, we support the expenses for the teachers of Rukban Camp School in Syriaon the Jordanian-Iraqi border “.

together-we-can-do6 (copy)

The activism of “Together you can do it” also addresses the vocational training of adults. Especially from the The woman. As happens in the Peace and Cooperation Campa small camp for displaced persons in Syria, just 200 meters from the border with Turkey, where there are 35 families that the Monza-based Asbl together with ManidiPace an den Solidarity tentPlace where they perform Tailoring and hairdressing coursesan illiterate school and an after-school service for children.


The capital of Syria in recent years is increasingly one of the centers of the greatest interest also for the “Together we can do it”. Who has his seat here, House of Receptionwhere tailoring courses are held and for some time a subsidy is provided, with food supply and makes our living, for 60 Muslim and Christian Families.


“More recently, under that “Valter” Projecta Collaboration with several artisans holding some Syrian boys in the shop, ”explains Locati. Whoever stays in Aleppo will soon be remembered. “Hope Housea structure / reformatory that houses 44 uneducated children captive stealing and praying to whom we deliver food, medicine, clothing.

It also bears the name of the capital of Syria the most natural and oldest soap in the world, made only with olive oil and laurel. For “Together you can do it” Aleppo soap has also become one of the ways supporting the various projects in the refugee camps and the sending of aid containers.


“Anyone who wants to buy it or give it as a gift, maybe for it as Surprise in the Easter eggsYou can contact us – is the call of the president and founder of Monza Asbl – he would give us a big hand “.

The kind heart, the help vis-à-vis those most in need, may perhaps be felt more at Easter or Christmas. Ni “Pound Solidarity”unlike those on the scale, they also do not have to be gruesome the rest of the year.

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