Syracuse. Second appointment of Siracusa Pride’22 with the training course “Education in Differences in Public Schools”

ORThis afternoon, Saturday, May 7, ’22 from 3pm to 7pm, in the CNA Room and via Trapani 78 in Syracuse, the second round of approach to Syracuse Pride 2022 will offer a free refresher course for State Public School staff, also open to anyone who wants to digest this topic. At the meeting, organized by the CESP – Center for Studies for the Public School (an association founded by the COBAS School in 1999 and recognized by the MIUR as an institution for the training and updating of school staff (DM869 / 2006 – DM 170 / 2016), in collaboration with the associations of the SYRACUSE PRIDE 2022 coordination, teachers will participate: Lorenzo Perrona (teacher, CESP – Cobas Siracusa); Dario Accolla (teacher and LGBT + activist); Davide Zotti (Ph.D., CESP Trieste); Valentina Millozzi (Ph.D., CESP Bologna); Claudio Coat (Psychotherapist, SInAPSi Center, “Federico II” University of Naples) and Luciano Nigro (LHIVE Catania).

Participation in the training day gives the right, according to Art. 63 and 64 of CCNL 2006/2009, exemption from service (including temporary staff) and valid for the purpose of fulfilling the training obligation provided for by Law 107/2015. At the same time, a certificate of participation is issued in accordance with current legislation. “Even today, LGBTQ + students continue to be victims of insults, gossip and slander, physical violence and social exclusion,” explains Davide Zotti, CESP Trieste teacher. the school can be seen: the schoolyard, the classroom, the corridors, but also the wardrobe and on the way between home and school. Risk of mental health problems, suicidal thoughts and attempts, substance abuse, risky sexual activities, low academic performance, early school leaving and low interest in post-secondary education.

The role of the school in supporting LGBTQ + students is therefore fundamental: promptly intervening in cases of homolesbobitransphobic violence, explicitly adopting and spreading norms condemning discrimination based on sexual orientation, identity and gender expression, LGBTQ + issues in Promoting school curriculum. , provides opportunities for contact and direct knowledge of LGBTQ + associations and individuals for a review of prejudices against LGBTQ + triggers people and a change in stereotypes related to gender representation, in particular related stereotypes to masculinity “. Professor Zotti is repeated by his colleague Lorenzo Perrona, of Cobas Scuola Siracusa, who was always involved in the territory not only to defend the rights of male and female workers, but also and above all for the social inclusion of the individual and his uniqueness.

“The collaboration with Siracusa Pride – explains Perrona – was born in this area as a cultural choice and as an action to offer young people and families a place that is always cordial and able to appreciate any individuality. The conference education for differences in public schools, in fact, helps educators, parents, and young people in the “Reebou class” find a place to study and socialize in the world, and to find mutual improvement. are also active at the city level in the network of associations, a real social and cultural substance that is too often confronted with the shortcomings of the institutions.The meeting on Saturday 7 May will be followed by other events that will pave the way for Syracuse Pride Accompany ’22, which, as you recall, takes place on Saturday 16 July and is organized and promoted by Arcigay Syracuse and Stonewall GLBT Syracuse, in collaboration with: Amne sty International – Gruppo Italia 85, Arci, Arciragazzi Syracuse 2.0, Astrea in memory of Stefano Biondo, Centro Antiviolenza Hypatia, CGIL, COBAS Scuola Syracuse, COBAS Public Employment Syracuse, No to Hate – Movement to Contrast Hate Speech, Students Rete Degli Medium – Active Emporwerment Network, UIL, Syracuse Student Union, Zuimama Arciragazzi, Oltre Frontiere.


15.00 clock | Reception of participants

15.15 clock | Greetings from Lucia Scala (President of ARCIGAY SIRACUSA) and Alessandro Bottaro (President of STONEWALL)

15.30 Uhr | Introduced and coordinated by Lorenzo Perrona (Teacher, CESP)

15.45 | | DARIO ACCOLLA (Teacher and LGBT + Activist) – “Language and stereotypes about gender”

16.15 Uhr | DAVIDE ZOTTI (Ph.D., CESP Trieste) – “LGBTQ + students in today’s school”

16.45 Uhr | VALENTINA MILLOZZI (Ph.D., CESP Bologna) – “Rainbow Class: Strategies and Perspectives on LGBTQI + School Issues”

Break time

5.30 pm | CLAUDIO CAPPOTTO (Psychotherapist, SInAPSi Center, “Federico II” University of Naples) – “Coming Out and Family Dynamics”

18.00 | LUCIANO NIGRO (LHIVE Catania) – “Sexuality and Health”

6.30 pm | Debate

07 May 2022 | 10:41

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