Syracuse, named Marco Mastriani for being part of the board of directors of “Oltre”

Fausto Consiglio, spokesman for the Mouvement Oltre, announces the inclusion of Marco Mastriani in the Political Board. Marco Mastriani, former Councilor and Chairman of the Budget Committee of Syracuse, with significant political and activist experience in the world of Sicilian environmentalism and cultural and university associations of Syracuse, of which he was also leader of the University Student Movement of Syracuse and with a consolidated experience, passion and professionalism in the field of culture and environmental tourism, member of the Regional Council for the Protection of the Natural Heritage of the Sicilian Region, recently appointed Vice-President of the Plemmirio Consortium and always committed to the protection of cultural heritage, Environment and of course of the Sicily region, it adheres to the Oltre Movement “.

“Today is the time to make important and crucial choices for our city and the entire territory of the province of Syracuse – see Mastriani -, in which every effort, attention and energy must be devoted to the protection and expansion of our cultural and ecological heritage, and to give priority to identifying and politically supporting new development models that truly defend the territory’s Focus. our political action, the improvement of important environmental, natural and cultural resources, tourism under different aspects and segments, ecotourism, school and university education by strengthening the project, which started a few years ago with degree courses in cultural heritage in Syracuse, increasingly relaunched. the image of Syracuse as a university city, which can also collaborate with important and prestigious universities and research institutes of national and international importance, and increasingly focus not only on excellent and quality education, but above all on the inclusion of young people in the World of work – continues -. In this sense, in these years of hard work for the support of the institution of the Iblei National Park, Fabio Granata and the whole Beyond Movement of which we have always had political support, a project that we consider strategic and a priority for the whole Area of ​​south-eastern Sicily from an ecological, cultural and socio-economic point of view, with the concrete defiance of the debate of almost all the parties present in the area, has convinced us that today the concrete demands of the citizens do not more represented by the political forces that exist only in Parliament, and that we must therefore again meet with civic engagement, civic militia and, above all, the undisputed and necessary capacity to engage in dialogue, debate and support initiatives and activities together. . of a political nature for the city and the entire province of Syracuse. Of course – he concludes – too other bodies and sectors of society need to be adequately represented and this can only happen by launching an important campaign to raise awareness, listen to the citizens, to find a common home, a place of politics where the Problems and solutions of a territory are concrete. in the meantime, without party affiliation anachronistic and where ideas and civic engagement prevail for a better quality of life ”.

Together with Marco Mastriani, new adhesions are to be made public at the programmatic conference scheduled for Saturday, April 9th.

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