Swisscom Next Generation, 265 young people start training since August

There are still a few days left until an important date for many apprentices: On August 2, 265 young people will start their vocational training at Swisscom. More than half chose an ICT apprenticeship. In parallel, 4 graduates start their bachelor’s degree with integrated practice in computer science.

On the other hand, a big party for the 230 young people who have successfully completed their training at Swisscom.

Ready to take advantage of the possibilities of the networked world, together and in all simplicity: It is in the spirit of this exciting philosophy that Swisscom wants to foster as many young talents as possible. For this reason, the company trains around 830 apprentices and also offers 20 students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree with integrated practice in computer science.

In August, 265 new apprentices will start training for six different professional profiles: IT, ICT Technician, Interactive Media Design, Mediamatics, Commercial Apprenticeship and Retail.

Four graduates, on the other hand, decided to continue their studies with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. In the partner company cablex, There are 17 apprentices in the starting blocks. Here are the professional profiles of installers, electricians and electricians for distribution networks (telecommunications address).

Vocational education looks to the future

After two years of pandemic, there is a great desire to start anew in the world of vocational training – and Swisscom is responding to the appeal by proposing many interesting projects. For example, vocational training was launched “AFC digital business developer / Trice”, an absolute novelty worldwide and of crucial importance for Swiss digitization, as it responds to the strong need for a professional profile that bridges the gap between technology and practice through the development of concretely usable digital products and processes. This new training will start in August 2023. In collaboration with the Baden Vocational School, Swisscom has also set up an experimental project (called “Lernvolution”), which proposes a more flexible approach to vocational training. In a few days, 16 female teachers will start the pilot project, which will last four years. Swisscom is also involved in the pilot project for the new commercial training course, which is currently in the process of being reviewed and restarted with a new structure in August 2023.

Mark MarthalerNext Generation Manager: “Flexible training models are actually becoming more and more appreciated and requested. One more reason to welcome with open arms the 265 new teachers and the 4 students who will start their journey on August 2 to discover a world of infinite possibilities ».

Excellent results

This summer, 230 young people successfully completed their training at Swisscom, or 97% of those who took this route. At cablex, there are 17 apprentices who have passed the final exam and are ready to enter working life. More than half of these young people have found their own jobs at Swisscom.

Modular learning at Swisscom

At Swisscom, young people shape their learning or study path themselves. They use the internal online market to apply for various projects that vary in duration from 1 day to six months and use this opportunity to acquire new skills. In this way, they can get an idea of ​​what is happening in different areas, meet new people and work sectors and learn to be autonomous.

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