Sustainability, Giunti Scuola is the first Italian school publisher to receive the ESG certificate

The commitment of Giunti Scuola, a sustainability publisher. The company of the Giunti Editore Group, which operates in the nursery and primary school sector, received the ESG verification statement from Rina, with a score of 69.5 / 100 for its commitment to improve the three dimensions of sustainability: the environment (Environment), the Social (Social) and the Governance (Governance). The publisher is the first company in the segment dedicated to school publishing at the national level to gain this recognition, transforming the company’s ethical and moral commitment into a valuable asset.

Sustainability as a value

Giunti Scuola has long been committed to promoting sustainability as a value, promoting projects that contribute to environmental protection. Tens of thousands of classrooms have in recent years been involved in educational projects on topics such as reducing consumption or energy savings, as in the project currently underway, ‘The earth is my treasure’, in collaboration with Alpitour. to reduce the use of plastic for book packaging: in 2021 alone, it used 1,463 kg less plastic, which is about 8,900 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere; Only print on FSC or PEFC certified paper, from forests that are managed in a correct and responsible manner, according to strict environmental and social standards. Giunti Scuola also created bags in natural materials and watercolors, produced in Ethiopia by local companies, responsible for the sustainable development of small family farms and disadvantaged territories. And it works, in full sharing of values, visions and sustainable goals, with realities like Busajo Onlus, an association that supports social education projects for young people in the areas most affected by poverty.

Awareness raising in the school world

Its entire production, from textbooks to magazines, from training to offering the digital environment, aims to raise awareness among teachers, girls and boys about the topics of the UN 2030 Agenda, Sustainability, Respect for the Environment, Gender Equality. and inclusion. Even at the governance level, certification certification only enhances the growth path of Giunti Scuola and the use of volunteer tools useful for making strategic decisions with a view to inclusion, integrity and the constant involvement of actors.

Code of Ethics

Giunti Scuola operates in respecting and nurturing relationships not only with employees, customers and suppliers, but also with the territory and the people of the reference communities. Since 2006, it has adopted a company code of ethics that defines the ethical and social standards that everyone, directors, managers, employees, agents, collaborators, consultants, and suppliers must adhere to. “We are very proud of this achievement,” said Andrea Chiaramonti, CEO of Giunti Scuola. Reducing plastics for the packaging or use of certified papers are just some of the initiatives, because we consider sustainability in every aspect. is also supported in our textbooks to prepare the citizens of tomorrow, for instance, for many years we have drawn attention not only to issues related to the environment, but also to those of inclusion and gender equality, for the education of new generations of conscious Citizens contribute.

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