Support, the news for the school year 2021/22: new pay, part-time work, compulsory, TFA and exceptional competition

September 1, 2021 marked for teachers the beginning of the new school year, which, albeit in the shadow of Covid 19, which does not seem slower today, will take place in participation, as required by the 2021/2022 school plan. of the Ministry of Education of 27.07.2021 “Document for the planning of school, education and training activities in all institutions of the National Education System for the school year 2021/2022, which shows that the CTS, in view of progressive vaccination coverage in the general population ,

“Finds it absolutely necessary to give the face-to-face teaching staff priority for the academic year 2021/2022” recommend, if possible, to maintain physical distance, but “pay attention to the face-to-face penalization Learning to avoid …. Where it is not possible to maintain physical distance for the opening of schools, it remains essential to maintain other non-pharmacological preventive measures, including the obligation to wear surgical masks in confined spaces.

While all the preparatory activities for the beginning of the school year take place today, the inclusion of students with disabilities is without a doubt the starting point of any school context, even when one considers the changes that the rules provided for.

Let’s take a trip:

New Pei

Inter-Ministerial Decree 182 of 29 December 2020 and the associated guidelines set out the entry into the school world of the new national IEP model together with the new methods of achieving support measures.

The new IEP is based on ICF, must be adopted from 2021/2022, but as of the 2020/2021 school year, schools have prepared a provisional IEP for newly enrolled or newly certified students with certified disabilities, indicating the necessary interventions, to verify and reported with all additions and changes to next year’s IEP.

The student with a disability is observed both the medical aspect, ie directly related to the illness, the trauma, as well as the social aspect, which arises precisely from the feeling of malaise that he feels in his social context, that is school, family or friends.

Finally, the personalized training action will give the student the opportunity to develop his potential and thus make his pedagogical success plausible.

The Pei model will be unique throughout the national territory, there are four in total, one for each school level.

The final verification of the IEP is approved by the GLO, purchased by the teacher and evaluated for:
zu. Formulate the general request of the Institute for Support Measures to be sent to the competent Regional School Office by 30 June;
b. formulate the overall requirement of the Institute for support measures in addition to the didactic ones proposed and shared with the Territorial Authority.

New IEP, approved October 31st. How to fill in the 12 sections. Guide for pictures

Support hour orders

Support hours for students with disabilities are no longer taken into account by the gravity of the student, but by the “operational debt” (discovered at the end of the year with respect to skills and competences), to automatically perform an abortion . a certain number of hours of didactic support or assistance for autonomy and communication.

Training of school staff for school inclusion for students with disabilities

The 2021 budget law has committed 10 million euros for the education on inclusion for teachers without specialization qualifications in the classes attended by students with disabilities. The Ministry of Education has issued the intended implementation decree, which will set out operational indications for a later act.

The determination of the compulsory training units is set at a number of 25 hours of total engagement, of which 17 in attendance and / or distance and 8 for in-depth studies (documented didactic experiments and research / action, networking, personal and collegial) in-depth study, documentation and forms of return / reporting, planning) to be planned for 2021 and executed without exemption from service. The resources, regionally divided on the basis of the number of teachers who may receive the decision, are allocated to the training centers.

Support, 25 compulsory training hours for non-specialized teachers who have students with disabilities in the classroom. No exemption from service. Entry Decree

Recruitment of support teachers

In addition to the ordinary entries in the role of support, the novelty was represented by the amendment of Article 59 of the decree law “Sostegni bis” presented by Vittoria Casa (5stelle) and approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber, which provides for 11 thousand specialized teachers hold the presidency for a particular term and after the probationary year, the entry and role of the same.

The temporary appointment, therefore, will take place, on the vacant positions after entry into the role, by the temporary worker included in the GPS (Provincial Support Ranking) of the first band of common place and support.

The substantial novelty is that for teachers the support requirement of at least 3 years of service, even if not consecutively, has been carried out in the last 10 years, is no longer required, which instead remains valid for common places.

Support teachers are employed for a one-year probationary period, at the end of which they are subjected to a final assessment by the teacher and the established evaluation committee. A disciplinary examination will determine whether or not these teachers can be confirmed during the term of office.

Permanent appointment and confirmation in the role have legal effect from 1 September 2021 in the same school, in which the teacher concerned was a fixed term.

In the event of a negative test year, the teacher would have to repeat the test and a further failure would make it impossible to transform the contract from definite to indefinite.

TFA Sixth Cycle Support

Ministerial Decree 755 of 6 July authorizes the start of the sixth cycle of Tfa Sostegno, with 22,000 places available, although criteria that do not meet the real territorial needs of the support teachers will continue to be adopted, in fact most of the courses will take place . at universities in the center-south with few places in the north, exactly where most specialized teachers are lacking.
According to CISL Scuola, at the beginning of the year we will need 90,000 teachers for the disabled, but there will only be 50,000 specialized teachers. The rest will be all teachers and professors “in derogation” or precarious who can not provide didactic continuity for children. Not even the 22,000 places provided by the university ministry to reach university courses for specialization will not solve the ten-year problem of lack of “expert” teachers and professors. Tender for participation in TFA selection support

Exceptional competition

It’s the art. 59, Sections 9-bis, of Legislative Decree 73/2021 to prepare an exceptional competition, to be announced by 31 December, reserved for teachers who have completed, within the time limit for the application for participation, three years of service ( evaluated) as such according to Article 11/14 of Law no. The successful candidates, who are placed in a useful position in the rankings, participate at their own expense in a training, also in collaboration with the universities, which integrates their professional skills and which includes a final test.

In case of a positive result of the evaluation of the training path and of the final test, the candidate will be employed for an indefinite period from 1 September 2022 to the vacancies and vacancies indicated in the first period which are not available for Mobility and entry operations. Candidates can participate in a single region and for a single competition class.

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