Support. Giannelli: 25 hours of training on inclusion? Too much controversy, once it was 1500 hours

“On there Law 104 other interesting laws followed as Law 170 in relation to students with Dsa and now we have also learned about what special educational needs are. But I believe you Basic problem of the integration of students with disabilities in school is still on the one hand that of the Availability of a sufficient number of teachers, we still have too few trained teachers today; and on the other those of Training which is not adequate. “Thus Antonello Giannelli during the initiative organized by Italian Federation for Overcoming Disability (FISH) to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Law 104.

“In the beginning, we had the famous ones 1500 Hour Courses – reminds the teacher – now we’ve seen a lot of controversy, because we are talking about 25 hours of lessons for teachers, to deal with these situations, this is a problem that needs to be overcome. “


“We must be able to handle even the most difficult situations. It is unacceptable that you, without trained teachers, take a teacher out of a class of competition and without preparation you send him or her into the mood to manage a situation he or she cannot manage. In this way, we are of service to the child with a disability, but also to the teacher, whose profession is thus disqualified.

And he continues: “I believe that once we overcame the original defect of 30 years ago, to have no reference legislation (now we have it, but on paper it is avant-garde), now we have to go into practice. We must, in fact, have the economic and human resources to better manage these situations. ”

Direct setting of the main

In conclusion, the manager comes back to talk about Recruitment, with a proposal that the teacher repeatedly put on the table and about which Andrea Gavosto, President of the Agnelli Foundation, also spoke recently. “We have devoted enormous precariousness to both standard disciplines and staff to inclusion, these are problems we have to solve and I believe that competitions are no longer capable of this, for a numerical question: the school sector consists of one million Staff, of which 800 thousand teachers; if we see retirees every year, that is 30 thousand, and the competitions can not bring 30 thousand people a year to the chair. Schools have to do these recruitments, but it is “Advanced forms of teaching for teachers based on the skills they need. Abroad and in many realities this is done, also in Italy we must have the courage to do it, we owe it to our students with special educational needs”.

The course for the individual teacher and the package for schools

Zum Thema Inclusionwith Focus on Disabilityof Cours e-Learning Scholastic inclusion of students with disabilities.

25 hours divided into 16 hours of video lessons in asynchronous mode, 8 hours of self-training on the platform with the possibility of interaction with coaches through a forum, 1 hour of evaluation tests.
It will be possible to ask deep questions in a special forum, active for 30 days of registration.


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