Super-exploited teachers, with a contract that has expired for 44 months and are forced to undergo training

Before the dissolution of the chambers and the announcement of new elections, the Draghi government and the Minister of Education Bianchi failed to renew the school contract for the three-year period 2019-2021. It is now a contract that has expired for 44 months, so much so that the school CCNL 2022-2024 should have been in effect for 8 months already.

CCNL school and early elections

The school contract has not only expired for 44 months, but there are no future prospects for a contract renewal in the coming months. The CCNL school 2019-2021, according to the current political situation that led Italy to early elections, will not see the light before January 2023.


Until a new government takes office, probably not before October 2022, there is no place to reach an agreement for the renewal of the school contract. It will be necessary to understand if the new government, led by the current team of Mario Draghi, is ready to put in the budget law of 2023 the appropriate economic resources for the renewal of the school contract.

Currently, the resources available for contract renewal have been progressively defined by three budget laws and the total size of the allocation for the entire sector amounts to just under 2 billion euros. Basically, an increase of 3.78% is calculated for the school sector, i.e. just over 87 euros gross per month. It must be remembered that this figure is not of the equalization element, which is confirmed in any case and is included in the salary for those who already benefit from it. In order to guarantee a real three-digit contract, as promised several times, new economic resources must be found in the next budget law.

Teachers exploited and forced to train

Not only did Minister Bianchi not complete the renewal of the school contract, but on the other hand he forced the teachers, who are not specialized in support and with a disabled student in the classroom, to do at least 25 hours of duty . Training on inclusion.

Along with the Budget Act 2021, in paragraph 961, the mandatory training of teachers involved in classes with students with disabilities is introduced. This training is aimed at scholastic inclusion of the student with a disability and to guarantee the principle of joint ownership when taking over the student himself. By decree of the Minister of Education, which is adopted within thirty days of the entry into force of this law, the implementation procedures will be established, which will provide for the prohibition of the exemption of teaching staff, the allocation criteria, the conditions for reserving education for only Personnel not in possession of the specialization qualification on support, the determination of the training units in each case not less than 25 hours of general commitmentthe criteria and methods for monitoring the training activities referred to in this paragraph.

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