Summit in Modigliana with President of Lattuca Province

There are a number of issues raised by Modigliana’s Mayor Jader Dardi at a Monday morning meeting with Forlì-Cesena Province President Enzo Lattuca, who arrived in Modigliana with Santa Sofia’s Provincial Councilor Daniele Valbonesi. . and delegates the issues of viability to the municipalities of the Forlì area. Giuseppe Travaglini and Councilor Giuliano Forcellini were also present at the meeting held at City Hall, as well as the Heads of Services of the Municipality of Modigliana.

A meeting that the President of the Province wanted to get to know and deepen the problems of the territories. It was, Dardi explains, “a useful opportunity also to address the issues related to the development of social health services, local transport, schooling, as well as issues related to the state of the infrastructures and planned interventions on the provincial road system. developed, we highlighted the problem related to the geographical position of Modigliana, which, although located in the province of Forlì-Cesena, gravitates to most services in the Faenza region: from public transport, to health, to school services., for the maintenance of the territory as far as the Consortium of Reclamation and the management of the river are concerned, topics which require a comparison with the two provinces (Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena), the Union of Romagna Faentina, together with the municipalities gravitate the Tramazzo Valley “.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting, Dardi explains, “the safety of the trees on the Modiglianese provincial road, with the inspection carried out in the period March and April, which must be completed. 123 trees were inspected and the ‘. “Plants have been cleared under water. Directed by a forest agronomist. Another issue is the province of Marradese, where “we have two emergencies: the first is the intervention to secure the bridge for more than 2 years, on which is installed a light that makes inconveniences to traffic. D ‘Bridge needs an intervention to be planned in the summer.The second emergency refers to the catastrophic situation of the road surface in the direction of the border with the province of Florence.This intervention is funded with 75,000 euros, which must be implemented ginn.

Another question is the situation “Zonzera Bridge”: “For three years, after several road accidents, the bridge has been damaged and never repaired, a situation that can not be accepted unless you raise the situation of negligence. Timeliness “. At its center is also the “Ponte Rosso Faenza”, for which work will start in June. “The bridge,” the mayor recalled, “is the gateway to the Tramazzo Valley. We need to come up with a definition of the road management protocol, which is governed by the two provinces. Bridge applies, that is.the gate to the Via Emilia and the motorway, we have the problem of the Faenza crossing for heavy and light vehicles.To take the motorway in the direction of Bologna, when a heavy vehicle on the ponte Once you reach Rosl, you have to turn in the direction of Forlì, take the roundabout to get back to the roundabout and come back along the ring road to follow the roundabout of San Pier Damiano to the left to get on the road time leading to the highway.Time forces you to extend the whole trip by 7/8 kilometers, but the problem of crossing Faenza remains open due to the traffic down the hill.Organize a planning conference with the affected municipalities in the two provinces.


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