Sturno, Fermi Sports High School adopts a philosopher (and a scientist)

Friday 25 February, at 11:00, at the Fermi Scientific Sports High School in Sturno the event “Adopt a Philosoph + a Scientist”, the new format of the project / competition, which the Campania Festival Foundation promotes in agreement with the Regional School Office for Campania in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II, partner of the initiative.

The students will be visited by the philosopher Davide Grossi and the scientist Gerardino D’Errico, with whom they will reflect on the subject of the third edition of the project “The soul and the techne”. The inauguration greetings will be entrusted to the teacher Silvana Rita Solimine, the Mayor of Sturno Vito Di Leo and the philosopher Massimo Adinolfi, creator and scientific curator of the project.

“This event” – explains schoolteacher Silvana Rita Solimine – “aims to show a way to experience concretely how much the division between humanistic and scientific culture has been overcome and how much the comparison between knowledge can represent an indispensable resource rich in to possibilities. ” .

“How much of our lives,” Massimo Adinolfi tells us, “are mediated by technological objects? Almost all, I would say. The idea of ​​rediscovering the authenticity and truth outside of this pervasive technological mediation is a loser.Let us first ask ourselves another question: How much of our existence is conveyed by thoughts about this condition? Very few, and it is for this reason that the Campania Festival Foundation has called on philosophers and scientists for a common reflection. This is how the idea of ​​L’anima e la techne was born.

“In my speech,” David Grossi tells us, “I will focus on the meaning of the word ‘techne’ in the ancient world, in order to examine whether the term we use today, ‘technology’, for the apparatus of the Means to refer to us. Disposal, has no soul in itself. That is, if it is not trivial or neutral at all, with respect to what we give, how we experience science every day, or rather of technology as pure I will try to discuss with colleagues and students what the assumptions and implications of technological life are, so that the question that inspires this initiative makes sense: what about the soul, when the world reduced or perhaps reduced to a short “screen” or “algorithm”? ».

“What I want to demonstrate,” Gerardino D’Errico continues, “is that scientific research is an intrinsic part of humanistic culture, understood in a broad sense. The scientific process can not ignore the researcher who plans, realizes, analyzes, “, and the researcher drives his being a well-rounded man with his strengths and weaknesses, his dreams and fears. Finally, his soul.”

At the end of the meeting, students will produce textual, visual, or audio documents that must be sent no later than April 30th. A commission composed of philosophers and scientists will select the six best works and award the authors during a public ceremony with theater subscriptions, gadgets and an education and training trip to a city associated with the theme.

66 schools have supported the Campania region project this year: 31 in Naples and its province, 16 in Salerno and its province, 10 in Avellino and its province, 6 in Caserta and its province, 3 in Benevento and its province. Nearly 3,000 students involved, 28 philosophers and 44 scientists. The first want to “adopt”, the others want to be “adopted”.

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