Study Law, Hall: ‘With Dote Scuola, every student has the opportunity to choose his own path’. The Tuttoscuola Podcast

What impact has the pandemic had on the school and education system? What are the principles of Lombard education? What are critical issues and what are the prospects for future challenges? Educational pluralism, early school leaving, school dot and innovation: Digging up four personalities from the education world four episodes of the Tuttoscuola and Open Scuola Podcast the phenomena change the new horizon of Lombard education. In this episode, Fabrizio Sala, Counselor for Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification of the Lombardy Region illustrates the virtual system based on Dote Scuola, the call for applications that allow Lombard families access to scholarships for the education of young people. School care is an identity policy of the Lombardy region: the school voucher dates back to 2000, the evolution towards dowry 2007. The main characteristic is to have the traditional logic somehow reversed, by a public administration that directly finances the offer. from education and training services to a system that focuses on demand because funding serves the choice of students and families.

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It is important the slogan of the Dowry School: Dowry School is your choice. Sala said -. The choice is made by the person who approaches the world of education and training without economic constraints. Leaving freedom of choice without economic restrictions, not because of cost, but because of the inclinations of the student in the education offer, is even more important today, after the pandemic that has impoverished various social groups. We believe that the Douary School is increasingly an instrument that is being pushed to invest in it and to contaminate the rest of the national territory as well. We need to equip students with dynamism, at a speed that has no equal: today we talk a lot about economic revival, but the strongest revival, firstly social and secondly economic, must be investment in education. When I ask big companies why they choose Lombardy, the answer is always human capital. Mandela himself said that education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.

“Dote Scuola wants to give every student the opportunity to choose their own path and consists of 4 actions for a total budget of 58 million euros. The first action concerns the didactic material to support books, technological equipment, didactic documentation: here we have an audience of 125 thousand students and an allocation of 25 million. The second is the school voucher, which is the freedom of choice of education for about 25 thousand students and an allocation of 24 million. Then we have the Mediterranean for those who have an average of 9 or at least a maximum degree: three thousand students that we reach with a loan of two million euros. And then we have disability support with a loan of 7 million. This package is the package called School Dowry. It is not easy to finance it, we say it clearly, because national resources have not adapted to the social change we experienced in the post-pandemic. The trend of Dote Scuola applications is growing because the conditions of the poorest families have been negatively impacted by the pandemic: in the last two years we have had an increase of 46,000 applications, so we had to make an additional allocation of 9 million “Euro to fill a gap that the government does not take into account and I hope that this will also be reflected in Parliament”, said the Commissioner once again.

“We have the same problem for the university, where we, through an allotment that sees Lombardy punished, are unable to fund 20% of those who are entitled to a scholarship. Therefore, I further emphasize, In addition to taxation and bureaucracy, education must be one of the most important pillars of the NRP. It is for this reason that the voice, the cry for awareness, coming from Lombardy on a national level – Sala closes – it is an opportunity not to fill a gap, but to invest long-term, to think about the future of twenty years. If our model is a model that works, is it a profit model, why not replicate it, why not finance it? This is the big voice rising from Lombardy to the national government.

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