Students start crowdfunding for the new Meucci Science Museum – Torino Oggi

A crowdfunding campaign for the “Meucci Science Museum “ and thereby give the very rich heritage of the school a home, so that it becomes a living heritage of students and citizens.

The initiative “The way of science: Museum without walls“ofIC Pacchiotti-Revel of Turin – designed by prof. Davide Camboni – was part of “Donoscuola“, The project carried out by CRT Foundationin collaboration with CPD Consult for people in difficultyto promote training and coaching of Piemontese and Valle d’Aosta schools on fundraising activities, the culture of donations and solidarity.

Thanks to the donations, it is possible that Renovation and equipment of the museum hall – which hosts the school’s paleontological, mineralogical collections and many ancient scientific devices – and the purchase of virtual reality and augmented reality equipment (including 10 augmented reality viewers and software for virtual models) with which the school’s educational offerings. The project, together with the campaign, will be officially presented tomorrow, May 18thon the occasion of the International Museum Day by ICOM.

We are helping to bring the school back to the center of the community and to consolidate this connection, which today is doubly important for the development of the territories after the difficult years of the pandemic – affirm the President of the CRT Foundation Giovanni Quaglia and the Secretary-General Massimo LapucciWith this pioneering initiative, the school world can use new strategic planning tools, foster synergies with a multitude of players, improve its human capital by acquiring additional skills and pursue goals in the name of more economic sustainability.“.

After an initial training phase on fundraising events involving 45 institutes, Donoscuola comes to the fore with the launch of fundraising campaigns of the ten winning schools – including IC Pacchiotti Revel -, “led” by especially tutors: den former talents for fundraising “Graduates” in the progress of the CRT Foundation. In Turin, Pasquale Pellegrino takes the field.

The museum is involved in the project “Do you want to build your school museum?” sponsored by the School Museums Office of the Cultural Archive-Museum Area of ​​Turin, headed by Dr Monica Sciaino, of which Franca Treccarichi and Francesca Ortolano are liaison officers for the school. And so it will be a part of that Network of school museums of Turin.

The goal is to raise 5,000 euros through the crowdfunding campaign on the Rete del Dono platform, in addition to 10,000 euros from donations from companies and club services.

The highly innovative project aims to present the evolutionary path of science in the historical panorama through the support of technology. The Meucci School Museum provides a meeting point on the territory, an important opportunity to use laboratory learning strategies and encourage the development of digital skills. It will be a complete dive into the past, but also a journey into the future “without walls”, exploiting the potential of virtual reality“, says the teacher, Silvia Marianna Bollone.

It is possible to support the project with a donation by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer on the Rete del Dono platform, until June 20. All funds raised will contribute to the founding of the Meucci Scientific Museum.

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