Students celebrate the end of the IeFP course in catering operators

About the difficulties of Covid: nine students celebrate the end of the course

IeFP as a catering operator based in Olbia.

The initiative was funded by Autonomous Region of Sardinia and was hosted byCosta Smeralda Airport. The agency celebrates the conclusion of her first three-year course in Sardinia in Olbia.

OLBIA, Thursday 4 August 2022. The faces full of joy of those who made it and found the salvation they sought outside of the traditional high school. This is what we read on the faces of the nine boys who de professional IeFP course for catering operators food preparation funded by Autonomous Region of Sardinia (and therefore free for the participants), for which the qualification certificates were distributed in the last few days. The three-year training period, at the end of which the student can enroll in the fourth year of high school or look for work with the qualification, was provided and managed by the Formatica Scarl Agency, which celebrated the conclusion of its first IeFP has Race organized in the city of Olbia.

The journey started in 2018 and ended almost a year late due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions associated with it, both in the school world and in the catering sector, where the boys completed a 390-hour internship. However, the difficulties are now behind us and in the end two girls and seven boys achieved the deserved goal. In detail it is Simone Carta, Bruno Cherchi, Francesco Cocciu, Francesca Corrò, Simone Farina, Matteo Pani, Samuele Pedroni, Angela Pelosio In the Cristian Pilia. Of these young people, some have already started their professional careers in the companies that hosted them for the internship, while others are evaluating what would be the best way to continue their journey.

The lessons were organized from the Costa Smeralda airport, which for several years has become the home base of Formatica for the courses in Sardinia. The last bell rang on May 30, while the exams between June 27 and 29 were always conducted at the airport, but with the practical test in General Aviation. With the distribution of the certificates, the process is officially over.

The conclusion of this course – commented the director of Formatica Scarl, Andrea Zavanellarepresents for us an important stage of our journey to Sardinia. Our reality was born in Tuscany, but for over 10 years, also in collaboration with other realities of the island, we have chosen to bring our know-how to this region, which is now our second home. There are excellent collaborative relationships with RAS and our goal is to make vocational education more and more attractive and stimulating, introducing innovative elements such as gamification, drones, and paying great attention to the well-being of early school leavers with projects such as AVATAR. with the CNR. In addition to Olbia with our IeFP offer, we are present in other important cities of Sardinia such as the capital Cagliari, Oristano, Tortolì and Nuoro“.

Formatik courses financed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia are available on the site

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