Student dead in the company, director and teacher under investigation for murder: students immediately on the spot with Friday for the future and strike in November

There are four people registered in the register of suspects for the tragic death of 18-year-old Giuliano De Seta, the student of Itis Leonardo da Vinci of Portogruaro overwhelmed by a steel matrix of almost two tons in a mechanical company of Noventa di Piave.

The suspects: the list is growing

The local newspapers wrote that it was LB, sole director of Bc-Service, the company where the young man did his internship; AMZ, the school teacher visit the institution of the young person who is also a signatory of the internship contract; the teacher tutor of the school, responsible for the PCTO of that class; finally, a security manager of the BC service.

Among the suspects could also be the teacher of the company, at the moment the owner has the role “ex lege: it is the worker who should take care of the youth’s training during the internship.

For the roles they have played, these are practically through actions: everyone must now defend themselves against the accusation Competition in murderchallenged by the prosecution.

The autopsy on September 23

The autopsy of the boy will take place on Friday, September 23 at the San Donà di Piave Hospital and will be entrusted to a doctor appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office of Venice: the advisers of the family and of the four suspects will help.

In the end, the judiciary will issue the declaration for the funeral, which should take place at the beginning of next week, Ansa speculates.

Student protests

Meanwhile, the debate is fierce. And also the protests. theStudent Union called a student strike for the next 18 November.

“This is the third case in less than a year in which this school model kills a student,” he says White Churchnational Uds coordinator – without the intervention of politicians who continue to fail to protect workers in the workplace and ignore the proposed abolition of school-work alternation, which has been brought to student places for months.

“As a student union, we launched a week of mobilization throughout Italyfrom Milan to Naples, past Genoa and Perugia – he continues Alice Beccariresponsible for communication – to repeat that such episodes are no longer acceptable, that the alternation of school and work must be abolished, in favor of an integrated education that takes place outside the production chains, with a change in the whole education .

“In the next few days, start of September 23 with the seats of Friday for the future we will continue to mobilize in many other places for all innocent victims, against this guilty system”.

The students demand “the abolition of PCTOs and all forms of alternating school-work and a reform of the entire school system”.

“We have carried out the proposals for a long time – concludes Chiesa – and they are summarized in the manifesto of the public school, which we published months ago: How long will it take until the politicians listen to us?”.

The CISL is not asking to cancel the PCTs

Not all, however, request the cancellation of PCTO experiences. There are those who call for the activation of internships and maximum security.

Like the Cislwhich asks not to implement “an instrumental use of the very painful events that have occurred in recent months to disqualify what, if properly designed and applied, can be a valid tool for training and growth”.

If for the leader of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra “The protection of life comes first”, the general secretary of the CISL Scuola, Ivana Barbacciexpressed his condolences and emphasized that this shame “again the discussion about the rules to ensure safety in the school-work alternation. It is necessary – he writes in his tweet – to help schools and businesses develop effective security protocols, never losing sight of the educational purpose “.

Then there are who, how Massimo Iiritano, teacher at the IIS Guarasci-Calabretta of Soverato and president of the association “Amica Sofia”, claims that the crusade against the PCTO was even a betrayal of the interests of the students themselves.

In the first instance because, said the teacher, the PCTO allows “to do what the Italian school has always asked in vain: bringing teachers closer to reality, school and society, classrooms to the outside“.

The PCTO therefore represents for Iiritano “a keystone in the recent history of our school system, which today risks being weakened by the usual media campaign due to a colossal misunderstanding and an unacceptable simplification”.

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