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“The pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, has confronted us with two realities: the first is that everything we take for granted can change at any moment, the second is that we adapt well, but it is not enough,” he said. Secretary. by Confartigianato Alessandra Papini, looks to the future of the Goldsmith manufacturing sector with hope but with the awareness that a change of course is needed.

Papini, the numbers for 2021, speak of a recovery in exports .. Is that the actual reality you see?

“Yes, but it is also true that in recent months two variables have weighed in: the war at the door of Europe, the difficulty of reaching certain markets and the increase in the cost of raw materials and energy, which extends to our craft businesses. ” .

Then there are all the risks associated with competition …

“We have overcome the most complex phase of international competition, bringing the products of our companies to a very high, unmistakable level of quality. We have focused on the pluses of ‘Made in Italy’, but we must not leave our guard.” .

What are you proposing in a crucial phase to interrupt the restart?

“To take advantage of all the opportunities we have, keep up with technological innovation. The government has just launched a strengthening of Industry 4.0, which we all know as an important initiative for companies that have the opportunity have to renew machinery and production processes “.

What are the opportunities that can be opened up for companies?

“With this new initiative, tax credits for the purchase of intangible assets will be strengthened. There will be resources on training that will always remain the central argument for development.”

You recently opened a job agency, what is it about?

“Just in parallel with the training, we felt the need to create a place where the demand and supply of work would meet. In this way, we would always respond to the needs of the companies and the proposals,” he said. which are on the market, will be updated. ”

Are you sure you are capable of meeting the demands that come from companies? It is a phase in which other sectors like the goldsmith are struggling ..

“It is clear that in recent years something has gone wrong in the entire school, education and leadership system in our province”

How to heal?

It is equally obvious that today the separation between the school education and the needs of a company, in this case a goldsmith, is partly filled by the work of an organization like ours, those of the same institutions that are increasingly connected to the productive world. to be “.

First day of the fair, sometimes the crucial one to measure the trend of an event: what sensations did you feel between the stands?

“Meanwhile, the great emotion of Arezzo Fiere is re-polished to see an international event, then the feeling of normality that we almost forgot to give the operators back for human relations, the opportunity to see the product and grateful ego who even in the darkest moments never stopped believing and investing in this fair: it is above all her that we are now guilty this spring.

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