Stopped, after the stop due to the pandemic, the course “Culture is …. Civil Protection” starts again

STILL – A useful and well-established collaboration that has been restored. In fact, the course “Culture is …. Civil protection “after the forced halt due to the COVID-19 health emergency, proposed for several years by the Civil Protection of Fermo and involving the students in the three-year surveys of the Itet Carducci-Galilei.

The course strongly desired and supported by the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Fermo is part of the project on the dissemination of civil protection culture in schools.

The collaboration between the CAT Course (Construction Environment Territory) Surveyors of ITET Carducci Galilei and the Civil Protection of Fermo, now stable for years, has also developed this year through two training sessions: the first, in the classroom, mainly focused on the goal . Knowledge of the Civil Protection System and the activities of the municipal operational structure both locally and nationally; deepening the function of the survey in an emergency, especially on the occasion of seismic events, then on the reading of the damage that the buildings suffered after the seismic event and the subsequent security, fundamental functions for the protection of citizens; the second is dedicated to the “field visit” of earthquake sites to get to know the elements of reconstruction live, learn – through a direct view of the damage of buildings – what are the proper construction procedures that allow the building to protect heritage , but mainly the lives of those who live there.

The students were able to meet a member of the “Technical Department” who is committed to education, in particular Eng. Franco Anselmi, the Arch. Marco Macchini, the Pierfilippo Ortenzi survey and the young civil service volunteers: Alberto Capriotti, Benedetta Recchioni and Nicola Ferroni. They were the ones who instilled in the students the enthusiasm to be part of this team, whose main mission is to provide their skills and time to the needs of others, not just in emergencies. During the meeting, pictures of the emergency training camps, in which both the volunteers and every component of the Civil Protection took part, were presented, as well as pictures of moments of solidarity that the volunteers experienced during the intense period of the pandemic.

In order to underline the tireless commitment of the Civil Protection Group on all fronts, the Mayor Paolo Calcinaro and Councilor in charge of civil protection Ingrid Luciani: “An applause for these kinds of initiatives, which demonstrate important collaboration with the local schools, and which are a further demonstration of the commitment that the Civil Protection Group has made throughout the year and every day with passion and self-reliance, by the great and commendable work of these two years of health emergency assistance in the proximity of the population with, last but not least, the valuable work of supporting the vaccination hub, up to the moments of in-service training for volunteers and collaboration with the Schools to continue in the goal of transmitting the culture of civil protection beginning with the younger generations.Thanks to the work of the Director Alessandro Paccapelo, the Civil Protection Officer Lorenzo Paniccià, of course to the volunteers of the City Council and, in this case, the ite to participate in the project “.

Technical education and human training, which are also summed up by these kinds of experiences in a fundamental profession for our community. Especially the Geom. Lorenzo Paniccià, former student of the institute and currently the municipal representative of the Civil Protection Service of Fermo, emphasizes “the value of the skills that a supervisor can put into this sector”. He invited students not to underestimate the potential offered in all the technical disciplines studied in the Surveyors’ course: , which can be spent in case of emergency “.

A lesson and an assembly that focuses not only on technicians, but also on orientation and expansion of human capital, which puts every professional at work with passion and commitment and play. This is what the students met and met through the men and professionals of Fermo’s Civil Protection. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the students of the Fermo Civil Protection Council to the students, to the teacher Cristina Corradini and especially to the teacher Maria Paola Puggioni, who every year becomes the spokesperson for this important project with commitment.


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