“Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying”, the project dedicated to students begins in Canicattini Bagni

The project “Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying” started on Thursday, March 24, 2022, presented by lawyer Rosalia Gionfriddo of the National Chamber of Lawyers for the Person, Family Relations and Minors, and funded by the municipality of Canicattini Bagni as part of the 2019 participatory budget .

The project, in its implementation postponed due to the Covid emergency, will be addressed in an initial phase to the first and second grades of the local “Leonardo da Vinci” scientific high school, while in a second phase, after the Easter break, it will be addressed, in Agreement with the teacher, to the students from the middle school of the institute comprehensive „G. Rod “.

The project will be concluded by an event open to the public, with the participation of teachers and parents, which will be held in the Council Chamber via Principessa Iolanda.

On Thursday, the opening was dedicated to bullying with spokeswoman Rosalia Gionfriddo.

On Monday, March 28, 2022, on the other hand, we talk about cyberbullying, “the threats on the Internet” with Marcello La Bella, first manager of the Postal Police Department of Catania, and “Digital Civic Education” by lawyer Jlenia Azzopperdi,

Monday, April 4, 2022 is the tour of “when of the game on crime” with lawyers Olga Diamante and Marco Galati as speakers, and “the new law on cyberbullying” by lawyer Maria Barbara Giardinieri.

Finally, on Tuesday 12 April 2020, the topics will be “Mediation in school” with school mediator Elisa Sapienza, and “Relationships in the class group, psychological aspects” by psychologist Chiara Buonfiglio.

After this in-depth phase, the project will enlist the help of peer educators, science high school students who have proven sensitive to the problem, will be strengthened in training to gain access to middle school classes, where they will try their hand at peer training.

The project, due to its social importance and the harmful implications that bullying and cyberbullying can have on minors, has the full attention of the municipal administration of Canicattini Bagni, and represents a first step for future interventions, as Mayor Marilena Miceli and the Advisor. for Public Education Mariangela Scirpo.

“A social phenomenon to the detriment of other children and colleagues – Mayor Miceli and Commissioner Scirpo repeated – which is unavoidable. According to recent UN data, 1 in 3 students, aged between 13 and 15, have experienced violence through bullying and cyberbullying, actions that, if ignored and ignored, have detrimental effects on the learning and behavior of minors, with negative Effects can have effects up to adulthood “.

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