Staff not available in the historic center of Venice, 3 thousand operators missing in hotels

VENICE – The world ofHospitality Venetian ass on the knees. Chef, waiter, help chefsStaff assigned to them Clean upbut also bartenders, Goalkeepers In the Winding machine they are the new dogs that lay golden eggs that risk being paid dearly for those who want to grab them. But this is not necessarily good news, as the risks are that the trader will still jumpgreat waterthe Pandemic a lues Restart. The data is merciful, sinceAva (Venetian Hoteliers Association) they report that approximately 2500-3000 figures from an associated company of 8 thousand people are missing (excluding outsourcing). “Finding staff has always been difficult,” explains Deputy Director Daniele Minotto. And the attraction of the whole sector has also disappeared, with the search for “other”: “Many collaborators who do not see clarity have taken up different professions in other sectors”. With the risk that the quality will go down: “We estimate that we have about 30% of the human resources which we used and the reconstruction work will take time.

Salvatore Pisani, President of Confindustria Veneto – Tourism section, do not paint a rosy picture: «The search for Talents even more complicated, it lacks frontline figures as well as middle and top management profiles. He also fell Training some young people prefer social safety net which slows the return to work. “Another fundamental point is that now some professionals have knives on the side of the handle:” They will not be overpaid, but it will be necessary to find ways to build loyalty the staff help with additional benefits as health insurance so that human capital remains in the company, decrease iTurnover “. Finally, a few more proposals:” Lighten the tax wedge to give more money Salary for employees. Enact a law that allows companies to deduct the cost of employee salaries. Improving school education with longer periods in the company ».

Raffaello Panariello, general manager of NH Hotels, continues: “Those who are looking today are not very inclined to work shifts and on weekends”. There is hope on the digital: “In the digital world, new opportunities have arisen that did not exist before and attract young people”. Cesare Bozzetti, owner of Bartolomeo Hotel, brings a different experience: “There are difficulties in finding doormen, especially at night, many go into outsourcing, a phenomenon that has broken the balance because there has historically been a link between customer and “Was a person you know… And then there is no education which compels us to refer to a market in which the numbers are made themselves.”
Demut also lacks: “There are no cleaners, but rulers, yes, because there are pay gaps, so I chose to keep my staff for thirty years, maybe pay more, but create a relationship of trust that pays off.” .

The picture painted by Berardo di Francescantonio, owner of Tintoretto, is dramatic: “The situation is drastic. I have been looking for employees for two months now.” made a great effort and it was very difficult to keep them at work in these two years of pandemic, but I did it well because I’m still here now and they are my guarantee. “. For the rest it is difficult:” Even workers of foreign origin, in particular Bengali who have made the season alternate with a few months in their country, they are harder to find. Out of ten people we are looking for, two come ». And give it a go temporary worker the quality is not always the best: “In recent days, they sent us a contact from a chef, but he did not show up for the interview. A cleaning worker who has worked for us for many years has made it clear to us that she is now waiting for the dismissal to be completed and that she will return later when the work is free. Nobody is going to leave the CV anymore ». Finally, a hotelier who runs two 4-star hotels says: “I have an outsourcing part and a permanent staff, but when you hear the stories of colleagues, you understand that you will not find any. It is difficult to find qualified staff. “


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