Pink fever. Sport and health at the Giro d’Italia. On the occasion of the Campania stage of the most famous national road cycling race, among the internationally renowned, Saturday 14 May in Monte di Procida, the State Agency for the Promotion of Sport is present to celebrate the sporting restart on two wheels.
One morning together with Taekwondo performances, roller skating, artistic gymnastics and demonstrations of volleyball and basketball in a brand room at Corso Garibaldi, with various asd (Chige, California, Mediterranean Team, Crystal Star) and where he intervenes from 10 to 14 the legend Sandro Cuomo, Hall of Fame and Gold at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996, in the room in front of “Aldo Romeo” school high school, awaits the transit of the Giro d’Italia 2022. The president of the regional powerboat Federation Antonio Schiano di D’Cola teaches passers-by , who want to have fun, how to prepare the sea knot, a real conceptual mystery for those who are far from the code of the sea.
It will be a new opportunity for sports and health professionals to illustrate initiatives and projects actively promoted in the region and at the national level to promote physical activity, facilitate healthy lifestyles and enhance sports culture. Monte di Procida a non-random choice. Under the Memorandum of Understanding between Sport and Health in the Community, nominated by ACES Europe as “European Municipality of Sport 2023”, it is the first in a series.
“We are really pleased and honored to be there,” said Francesca Merenda, Secretary for Sport and Health Campania, who formalized the Memorandum of Understanding with Monte di Procida, Mayor Giuseppe Pugliese, Tobia Massa (Adviser on Budget, Taxation) to transparency). ), Fabio Capuano (Managing Director of Associations) and Antonio Schiano di Cola (President of the Regional Powerboating Federation).
The municipality of Monte di Procida, in view of the development of sports activities, understands as an essential element of the physical and moral education of the individual and an integral part of education and national culture, because the cooperation of sports and health for the organization of sporting activities and events, associated with well-being and training, which will be agreed in a synergistic way for 2023, when the international event Monte di Procida, European Municipality of Sport “will be celebrated,” concludes Merenda.
We look to the future together, with optimism and the foundations to improve Campania’s territories through sport and its social variations. And the charm of the pink race leads the way in this direction.