Sollini and Luzi guests on the zoom of Radio FM1: “The secrets of social life? Competence, commitment and enthusiasm” (Video Interview)

FERMO – Stefano Luzi, owner of Tre Elle Srl, and Maurilio Sollini, head of Emporio Verde Sollini, celebrated 40 and 50 years of activity respectively. For this occasion, they were guests at Zoom, a radio broadcast by Radio FM1.

Maurilio Sollini and Stefano Luzi on the microphones of Radio FM1

Maurilio Sollini, Stefano Luzi

Vun Alessandro Luzi

Stefano LuziOwner of Tre Elle Srl, e Maurilio Sollini, at the head of Emporio Verde Sollini, celebrated their 40 and 50 years of activity respectively. Certainly a remarkable achievement because of the many difficulties that have plagued the various sectors of the entrepreneurial spirit. For this occasion, the two entrepreneurs were guests at Zoom, a radio broadcast by Radio FM1, hosted by the director of Cronache Fermane, Giorgio Fedeli. “Thanks to the enthusiasm, constant commitment and passion for our profession, we were able to face the many obstacles – explained Sollini -. My father exported agricultural products to Veneto and imported grain. From these first commercial relationships associated with agriculture, the company Emporio Verde has developed, focusing on a wide range of accessories for vegetable gardens and gardening. In fact, over the years, I often thought about pulling my ears to the boat, but I responded to the difficulty with determination and new design ideas. In order not to dwell on the various crises that have followed one another, it is important to evaluate the global economic context and to predict its future directions. However, there is also a criticism of the bureaucratic system, which too often hinders a healthy entrepreneurial spirit: “Of course, sometimes we find ourselves particularly alone. The bureaucracy does not help and there is an imbalance between the weight of the public machine and what it returns“.

Maurilio Sollini

Also Stefano Luzi tells the experience at sunrise of Three Elle arose between school and his father’s shop: “I went to Montani and in my free time I finished my schooling in my father’s business. There I learned the values ​​of commitment and sacrifice. The recipe for longevity is to escape from change from crisis situations. Innovation creates a driving force capable of overcoming stagnation, which inevitably leads to an end. Of course, competence is also important. Over the years, the large numbers reported by the industrial sectors have brought down prices and thus income and professionalism. All this also affects the quality of the product. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises promote professionalism in order to guarantee better quality of goods ”.

Stefano Luzi

These were the founding values ​​of the “Made in Italy”, which spread worldwide. Today, however, the scenario is very different Luzi In the Sollini the political class announced: “Governments and businesses do not rub in the same direction. The policy is still based on the well-used idea of ​​the big industrial model, such as Fiat. Instead, Italy consists mainly of small municipalities and not of large cities. It is necessary to support small and medium-sized enterprises by reducing bureaucracy to promote their maximum value“. Then there is the other side of the coin, namely the lack of a structured generational change:”At present, both businesses and schools are investing too little in young people. In order to train professionals, more coordination is needed between the two realities. Teachers and entrepreneurs need to work in synergy to develop new projects that focus on student education. Here we come to a topic at the center of a bitter debate among students, namely School-work diversion: «These initiatives should not be abolished, but they certainly need reforms. The alternation serves to show a boy whether he is on a path that interests him. Then it is clear how it is now organized, serving neither the company nor the students. First of all, we should start with greater organic coordination between institutions and entrepreneurs. “

In conclusion, an excavation on the city situation of Val d’Ete could not be missed, currently not adequate for the needs of local businesses: «We have been politically abandoned. The development of Campiglione is an excellent work but it is also advisable to improve the Ete Valley (beautifully renamed the Eden Valley) through a transverse development. It would be appropriate – he explains Luzi – a road that connects the Mezzina, the Val d’Ete and the Val d’Aso. In this way, the province of Fermo would be united and would allow even greater development of the small inland villages. “It would also be important to add a cycle path that runs along the coast and reaches the coast,” he says. Sollini -. This would favor soft mobility ».


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