Social psychiatry, spending on young people makes everyone agree

The one given by the Grand Council of the cantonal socio-psychiatric planning 2022-2025 is a unanimous and convincing agreement, a programmatic document that has as a pivot the realization of a more adequate offer to deal with young people with mental discomfort. , proposes as the main project the creation of an integrated care unit for minors. All 70 deputies present in the room welcomed the government’s message, complete with a manifest appreciation for the work of the director of the Health and Social Department Raffaele De Rosa.

“The purpose of this plan is to provide quality care, improve its effectiveness and adequacy, intervene quickly through early diagnosis, reduce multiple and forced hospitalizations, extend the ambulatory home treatment offer, reduce stigma and favor inclusion, as well as include the Growth in health care costs” explains the radical liberal Matteo Quadranti, rapporteur of the commission’s report. Underline the merits of the planning it presents different projects for all age groups with a interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, Quadranti focuses on what it is “the only substantial generation of new costs, but also an investment in favor of the many young people who need help”, and thus of the entire community, in order to avoid a much higher price in the future.

The reference is precisely to the new Integrated Care Unit for minors, which is managed by professionals in pediatric psychiatry and offers ten beds for inpatient hospitalization, five for home treatment (‘home treatment’) and another five in day hospital mode. hospital’). A need that is shared by the entire parliamentary half, because at the moment in Ticino the care of minors takes place in psychiatric clinics for adults or in a pediatric section at the Civic Hospital, where however specialists aimed at the developmental age do not work. A coexistence also criticized by the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture.

The planning that Dss has developed for the next four years consists of several other projects: the strengthening of psychoeducational centers (CPE), the Ifigenia project to support families in which a parent is in a psychiatric suffer disorder; the crisis center for the reduction of suicidality; the creation of a mobile team at the Carl Housing Center; Home treatment to reduce hospital stay and the breakdown of the patient’s social context. And again the development of psychotraumatology; interventions in the refugee centers; and for the elderly, the strengthening of an already existing offer of counseling and psychosocial services in nursing homes and support of certain care and assistance services at home.

Four million for minors

From a financial point of view, for the new Integrated Care Unit the need for additional staff is quantified at around 30 units for a cost of 3 million 250 thousand francs to be paid by the state; due to the strengthening of the PECs and the Ifigenia project, there are 42 additional personnel units for the youth sector. On the other hand, all other projects can be implemented using existing resources at an additional cost of zero. Net, the total cost for the operational proposals was €4.13 million.

Also speaking on behalf of the PLR ​​group, Quadranti emphasized how “the issues that affect young people are at the center of our party’s concerns, in a broad vision that includes those in need of socio-psychiatric support, but also all the others, so that they have a school and professional education in time, and places at their disposal for a healthy and constructive aggregation ».

For his part Eolo Alberti (Lega), reminded that the document in question is delayed, but appreciated the fact that this made it possible to calibrate the resources with the new needs, also through their redistribution. The new costs will be used for absolutely necessary projects to fill widely recognized gaps, such as the care of minors with psychiatric pathologies ».

For Giorgio Fonio (Den Zentrum / Ppd) the programmatic document “represents an important step in cantonal psychiatry to provide timely answers to the needs of the population that manifests difficulties, especially in the youth area, aggravated by the pandemic and the socio-economic situation Four million francs invested for our future”.

Starting with a terrible “finally”, the socialist Danilo Forini he declared: “We are preparing for one of the biggest gaps in the canton in terms of reception and care of children in difficulties. And I’m glad to see that on this issue we can for a moment put aside the political and ideological battles to contain spending and balance the accounts at any cost.”

The Democrat Lara Filippinialso applauded the ability to “channel all the available resources to limit the suffering of young people”, she at the same time asked to deal with “the causes that generate it. A more in-depth analysis of this phenomenon would be necessary for a social reform that is efficient and adapted to the needs of citizens.

Claudia Crivelli stretcher (The Greens), after appreciating the message, emphasize that “even at the level of prevention, action should be taken with a strengthening of the medical-psychological service of the schools, so that it is possible to detect certain signs of discomfort in time .”, then a reflection on “benefits of getting back in touch with green spaces in the frenetic rhythms of everyday life”.

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